Home Technology MIT’s Pan Qianxuan, who shot and killed Yale Watson over suspicion of jealousy and crush on his female fiancee, finally confessed to the crime

MIT’s Pan Qianxuan, who shot and killed Yale Watson over suspicion of jealousy and crush on his female fiancee, finally confessed to the crime

MIT’s Pan Qianxuan, who shot and killed Yale Watson over suspicion of jealousy and crush on his female fiancee, finally confessed to the crime

In early 2021, the murder of Watson’s fiancee, a top university student, out of jealousy because her crush was engaged once caused shockwaves in the Chinese community because the suspect was a Chinese student and had been on the run for three months. Chinese MIT PhD student arrested in connection with casepan qinxuan(Qinxuan Pan, 32) insisted on his innocence for more than two years, until he finally confessed to the murder in court on February 29.Yale UniversityChinese graduate studentxiang kaiwen(Kevin Jiang, transliteration).

Pan Qianxuan faces one count of murder and faces up to 35 years in prison, with a judge’s hearing scheduled for April, according to a statement from New Haven State’s Attorney John P. Doyle Jr. The sentence will be pronounced on the 25th.

The prosecutor’s office did not mention Pan Qianxuan’s possible motive for attacking Kevin Jiang, but in a 96-page arrest warrant filed by prosecutors in state court in February 2021, a New Haven police detective described Pan Qianxuan’s behavior as Type:

In 2019, Pan Qianxuan was a doctoral student at MIT. While studying in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Pan met and became friends with Zion Perry, a graduate student at MIT. Keep in touch via Facebook. Perry posted a message on Facebook celebrating her engagement to Jiang Kaiwen, a 26-year-old graduate student in environmental science at Yale University, on January 30, 2021.

A week later, on February 6, 2021, Pan Qianxuan stole a dark blue recreational vehicle (SUV) from Massachusetts, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Mansfield Police Department in the suburbs of Boston. Pan Qianxuan, a car dealer, drove the car close to the Yale University campus, which is the New Haven community where Perry lived. Perry was a doctoral student in biochemistry and biophysics at Yale.

On the day of the crime, Perry and Kevin Jiang spent most of the time together. They first went ice fishing and then cooked at Perry’s apartment. After 8 p.m., Jiang Kevin left Perry’s house in a Toyota Prius. According to the arrest warrant, Jiang Kaiwen had only driven a few blocks when Pan Qianxuan hit Jiang Kaiwen’s car with a stolen car. When Jiang Kaiwen got out of the car, Pan fired eight shots at Jiang, several of which hit Jiang Kaiwen. face.

Surveillance cameras near the crime scene captured the incident, and some people witnessed the incident. Several people saw the gunman get back into his SUV and drive away.

About 30 minutes after the shooting, police in the nearby town of North Haven received a call from a local scrap dealer that an SUV was stuck on the train tracks. When the police arrived, Pan Qianxuan was sitting in the department. In the driver’s seat of the dark blue SUV, Pan was also wearing a gray knit cap with the “MetroPCS” logo printed on it.

Pan told police that he was lost while trying to find the highway back to Massachusetts, and the North Haven Police Department later said that officers were unaware that the department vehicle had been stolen.

Although the police discovered that the license plate of the car was lost or stolen, they did not detain Pan Qianxuan. Instead, they arranged for a tow truck to remove the SUV from the track and took Pan Qianxuan to a nearby motel.

Ninety minutes later, the New Haven Police Department issued an alert for a dark-colored SUV. In the alert, a dispatcher incorrectly reported that the vehicle was being driven by two people, possibly including an African-American. According to arrest warrants, no witnesses to the shooting reported a second attacker or described the attacker as African-American.

Court documents state that the morning after the incident, a staff member at an Arby’s restaurant next to Penn’s Motel called police to report that they found a semi-automatic pistol, seven firearm magazines and a gun near the restaurant’s trash can. Several boxes of ammunition were found. The same policeman who had dealt with Pan Qianxuan, who was stranded on the railway track, arrived at the scene. After noticing that the bag also contained a gray knitted cap with the “MetroPCS” logo, the police issued an arrest warrant for Pan Qianxuan. 26 February 2021. Make.

A multi-state search operation began. Pan Qianxuan was eventually tracked down to Alabama, where she rented an apartment under a fake name. Dooley said on the 29th that after a three-month search, Pan was arrested in Alabama and extradited to Connecticut.

According to a report by The New Haven Independent, during Pan Qianxuan’s lengthy arrest, some residents of the New Haven area accused the police of handling the case. Some residents said the police failed to do a good job when Pan was found stuck on the tracks. The New York City Police Department responded that the officers involved in the investigation did their job properly.

Pan Qianxuan admitted on February 29 to murdering Jiang Kaiwen, whom he had never met. (Provided by police)

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