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MLB/How shocking is Ohtani’s new contract?Overtook the total salary of Messi and athletes in 10 years

major League Baseballmlbjapanese starShohei Otaniand los angelesDodgeThe team signed...

Manhattan judge rules that Starbucks must face lawsuit over juice drinks without fruit

Chain Coffee Shopstarbucks(Starbucks) filed a lawsuit in the United States, accusing many of its fruit drinks of not containing fruit. Starbucks requested that the lawsuit be dismissed, but the judge ruled that Starbucks would have to stand trial.

Reuters reported that Starbucks requested that nine of the 11 claims in the proposed class action be dismissed, but U.S. District Judge John Cronan in Manhattan rejected the request, saying “a significant number of reasonable consumers “Wants their drinks to have their names on them. mentioned fruits.

Consumers complained that Starbucks’ Mango Pitaya, Mango Pitaya Lime Juice, Pineapple Passion Fruit, Pineapple Passion Fruit Lime Juice, StrawberrybrazilAs advertised, neither the Berry nor the Strawberry Açaí Lemonade drinks contain mango, passion fruit or açaí berry.

The plaintiffs are Joan Cominis of Astoria, New York;CaliforniaJason McAllister of Fairfield. He said that the main ingredients of these Starbucks drinks are water, concentrated grape juice and sugar, and that Starbucks misleadingly stated that they contained fruit, resulting in higher prices. The plaintiffs argued that this violated state consumer protection laws.

Starbucks said drinks describe flavors rather than ingredients and promote those flavors accurately in their drink catalogs. The company also said that reasonable consumers will not be misled, and if consumers have questions, its employees can explain to consumers and clear up confusion.

However, Judge Cronan noted that unlike vanilla, words such as mango and passion fruit are not generally considered to represent flavor and are generally understood to mean fruit.

Cronan said it’s understandable that customers would be confused because other Starbucks products contain the ingredients in their names, such as the matcha and honey in the Iced Matcha Latte and the honey and mint in the Citrus Mint Tea.

However, the judge dismissed allegations of fraud and unjust enrichment in 11 claims filed by the plaintiffs, finding that there was no evidence that Starbucks knowingly deceived consumers.

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MLB/How shocking is Ohtani’s new contract?Overtook the total salary of Messi and athletes in 10 years

major League Baseballmlbjapanese starShohei Otaniand los angelesDodgeThe team signed...

Are you worried about taking sleeping pills for the rest of your life? You may have a safer alternative

Director Zhou Kunda, president of the Taiwan Sleep Medicine...

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MLB/How shocking is Ohtani’s new contract?Overtook the total salary of Messi and athletes in 10 years

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