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Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Quality sleep starts with a good quilt.Yahoo(Yahoo) Website author...

People chanted anti-Putin slogans of “no war” at Navalny’s funeral

Russiadissident leaderNavalnyThe funeral of Alexei Navalny was held today....

Male manager cheated on two female subordinates and filed a complaint against the mistress. Dissatisfied with being cheated on, the mistress filed a complaint of sexual harassment.

A section manager at a well-known semiconductor company in Taiwan, named Liu, had affairs with female subordinates named first Guo and then Wang. Liu’s wife discovered that he was cheating on her and complained to Mr. Wang, who was also the section manager. The Taoyuan District Court ordered Liu to pay NT$80,000 (NT$, the same amount below, approximately US$2528). Guo’s daughter was dissatisfied with Liu’s involvement in another relationship and her complaint was dismissed.sexual harassmentAfter investigation, the company decided not to stop and terminated his employment. Guo NVT confirmed that the lawsuit was an employment relationship and demanded that the company pay a monthly salary and bonus of ¥116,000 (about US$3,666). The first instance found that Guo wanted revenge and lost the case. Taiwan’s High Court rejected his appeal.

The court reviewed conversations between Liu and Guo, and found that lines such as “Liu: Did you get wet just now? Guo: She’s so sexy”, “Liu: You’d better get in the car and eat a banana” were work. Before, forget it, eat “Banana lasts longer; Guo Nu: Big one”, “Liu: Thanks for helping me suck my dick after I ejaculated the other day, and I want to do it again Am.” These are basically emotional disputes between two married couples.

The fraudster, a woman surnamed Guo, was a “senior quality assurance engineer” of the company. She had been employed since 2007 at a monthly salary of NT$116,037. He also received a two-month year-end bonus and three period bonuses every year. , Adulterer Guo Fu was awarded the title of National Model Policeman and received a monthly salary of 70,000 yuan. In 2021, he accompanied Guo NV to the company’s factory to raise noise, asking about Liu’s theory. He also parked his car at the entrance of the parking lot twice because he was a policeman and could have been eligible. People get scared by the use of weapons. Guo Fu accused Liu of abusing his position and ordering his wife to have sex, and that the company failed to fulfill its management and supervision responsibilities. He filed a lawsuit demanding that Liu and the company compensate him 2.4 million yuan.high CourtLiu was sentenced to 500,000 yuan in compensation.

The class manager, surnamed Liu, got divorced in August 2021 and lost his job with a monthly salary of 170,000 yuan in December of the same year.

Guo’s daughter sued, saying that her immediate superiors often used their power to assign inappropriate work, and caused her to feel resentful, neglected, and isolated, damaging her confidence at work and There was pressure. Therefore, on November 7, 2021

She filed a complaint with the company on December 27 of the same year, but on December 27 of the same year, in addition to receiving notice of the investigation results, she also received a notice of termination of employment, saying that she had violated the work. Rules, Ethics and Loyalty Obligations. Ms. Guo believed that the company did not specify which rules were violated. In January 2022, she told the Human Resources Department that she wanted to apply for labor services, but was rejected, believing that the dismissal was illegal.

Guo said that in July 2019, her direct supervisor, surnamed Liu, was coaxing her to “establish physical relations”. She filed a complaint to make the company aware of the fact that she was treated inappropriately by her direct supervisor and advocated for her own rights, but the company fired her after an investigation. She is punishing the employees in disguise. She said that she did not provoke her husband into conflict with company security and that the company could not accuse her of violating relevant regulations because her husband influenced the company’s order.

Furthermore, Guo’s daughter also argued that since Liu instructed her to adjust the number of overtime hours she reported at a future date to receive overtime pay equal to the actual overtime hours, her more There was no intention to pay.

The company defended itself and after receiving the complaint, convened a Sexual Harassment Complaint Management Committee to investigate. It was surprisingly revealed that Ms Guo had long been having intimate conversations with a manager named Liu, who was also married and having a sexual relationship. How to maintain office, and even an extramarital affair, were also discussed. When Liu’s wife discovered that her husband was cheating on her, Liu discussed it with Guo Envi in ​​order to save the marriage. Only then did Guo Envy discover that there was a “mistress”. He filed a false complaint to take revenge. But the sexual relationship between the two was hidden. Therefore, it was decided in the gender balance meeting that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Liu once told Ms. Guo that she might make false claims for overtime pay to cover the cost of “booking a room” at Motorola Railway. The company’s investigation found that there were at least 13 records of false claims for overtime pay, essentially a fraud.

Taoyuan Diyuan found out that Guo Envi said: “Liu told me that he admires me and likes me very much, so he wants to have such a relationship with me. He also always said that he takes special care of me , so my work performance or performance it would be great… Liu suddenly told me in January 2021 that he didn’t want to continue this kind of relationship. I told him that we could still be friends like before, but he Told me he could distinguish between public and private matters, and then started treating me as a normal coworker. This made me feel like I was being tricked or messed with. ” This suggests that she willingly had extramarital affairs with Liu, and that Liu did not threaten her or induce her. When Guo saw that Liu was very close to another female colleague, she felt That she has been emotionally betrayed and she can’t let him out.Complain with complaints.

The first instance held that Guo Nu had acted inappropriately by using the company’s sexual harassment complaint system to retaliate against Liu. The termination of the labor contract by the company was legally justified in accordance with Article 12, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 4 of the Labor Standards Law. And Guo Nu lost the case. Guo Nu appealed to the High Court, but the High Court still did not accept the decision and ruled that the appeal was rejected.

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Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Quality sleep starts with a good quilt.Yahoo(Yahoo) Website author...

People chanted anti-Putin slogans of “no war” at Navalny’s funeral

Russiadissident leaderNavalnyThe funeral of Alexei Navalny was held today....

If Trump overturns IRA, economic benefits could be taken away from China

In the last few months,trumpCampaign managers have told the...

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Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Quality sleep starts with a good quilt.Yahoo(Yahoo) Website author...

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Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

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People chanted anti-Putin slogans of “no war” at Navalny’s funeral

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