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Exclusive Content:

Ma Ying-jeou invites Chinese students from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou to promote cross-strait youth exchanges

On the third day of his second visit to the mainland, the former PresidentMa Ying-jeouFinally, he led the delegation to Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University for the first youth exchange of this trip. Ma Ying-jeou publicly invited teachers and students of Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University to return to Taiwan, and promised to “personally accompany you.” Throughout Taiwan.” He publicly called on authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to give young people more opportunities to get to know each other.

Ma Ying-jeou pointed out that there is also a “Sun Yat-sen University” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The two Sun Yat-sen universities established sister schools in 2008. This is a very good exchange model. He mentioned that he transported 30 Dajiu College students to the mainland to communicate with three universities last year; In July, he successfully invited students from five mainland universities to return to Taiwan. “During this conversation, I noticed that because the students share the same language and are the same age, the communication is “natural and unique”, spontaneous and warm. In addition to sharing similar interests, hobbies and fashion trends, We also share the pressures and concerns of your age.

He said that promoting cross-Strait student exchange is the most important core purpose of this visit and the goal of his efforts, and mentioned the Cross School motto Sun Yat-sen established at Sun Yat-sen University a hundred years ago: “Learn the wisdom, inquire, think carefully, understand clearly, and practice sincerely.” The spirit is still there, “I think that in the future, efforts in the exchange between young people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait There will certainly be plenty of room for. Authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait should think carefully about this, distinguish clearly, and implement it diligently, so that young people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can have more opportunities to get to know each other.” A clear message to officials on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Finally, Ma Ying-jeou invited teachers and students from Sun Yat-sen University to return to Taiwan, which would be arranged by the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation, and promised, “I will personally experience Taiwan with you. Will travel to do.” “Taiwanese customs.”

Chen Chunsheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, noted that “CUHK has always striven to inherit the red gene, pursue excellence in character, foster the spirit of patriotic struggle, and cultivate new people. A lot of importance has been given.” of that era who are worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation.” Gao Song, president of Sun Yat-sen University, reported, “Over the past ten years, the school has admitted nearly a thousand Taiwanese students, mainly in medicine, Economics, Management, Computers and other subjects.”

During the live session, students from both sides of the Taiwan Strait interacted and shared their travel experiences. The atmosphere was heated and there were no more “sensitive” cross-Strait political discussions. After the program, everyone rushed to Baiyun Airport to fly to Shaanxi.



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