Home World News Los Angeles neighborhood trash home mayor calls public health emergency

Los Angeles neighborhood trash home mayor calls public health emergency

Los Angeles neighborhood trash home mayor calls public health emergency

los angelesMayor Karen Bass in front of a house known as the “junk house” in Fairfax on April 3 said city crews would immediately begin cleaning up the debris. From today. “This is a public health emergency,” Baez said.

A day before the mayor announced the cleanup, KTLA reported on the trash chamber. According to reports, several citizens complained about the smell and the pile of plastic waste piled high in front of a house in the 600 block of North Martel Avenue, but officials took no action. Video from the scene shows plastic bags piled up around the house up to the door, and more debris can be seen on top of cars and on the ground in the home’s side yard.

“I hope the city can come forward and do something with this material (plastic waste) and also provide some help to this homeowner,” one resident told KTLA. Another resident is concerned that plastic waste could pose a health risk to nearby residents. I don’t really know what’s in the trash… there might be something rotten in there that attracts rats and all kinds of things. Also, if the homeowner has something going on inside the house, no one can go in.”

The trash room owner was described by neighbors as a “good guy”, but he had received similar reports before. In December 2014, the home owner was asked to remove “trash and debris from the property”, but failed to comply, leading to officer intervention. The homeowner was also ordered to keep the property neat and clean and keep the street clean, and the city eventually did clean up and charged the homeowner.

A day after KTLA reported the incident, area City Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky said her team would work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Yaroslavsky said in a statement that “I am aware of the situation in and around the trash house and have directed my team to work with the appropriate city departments to immediately resolve the problem. Private property owners are required to comply with public health standards.” We have a responsibility to maintain, and we will ensure that these laws are followed.”

Mayor Bess also responded immediately to the incident and said he only became aware of the situation on the evening of April 2. “I started tracking the case last night to understand where the complaint was and what happened during the process,” he said. The base also said that it will deal with the waste as soon as possible and eliminate hidden dangers. “It’s a fire hazard and I’m worried about the person living in the house, if this place catches on fire, they’re going to die… This is an outrage, and it’s ending today,” he said. “

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