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Los Angeles County woman sues Paramount School District, alleging she was raped and pregnant by teacher when she was 16

A woman in Paramount, Los Angeles County told Paramount UnitedSchool DistrictThe lawsuit claims that at age 16, she was raped and pregnant by a faculty member, who then ‘pretended to be dead’ and was persuaded by colleagues.abortion,

The lawsuit against Paramount Unified School District was released Tuesday, October 4, with the complaint detailed. Sandra’s attorney, Samuel Dordulian, said that Sandra was hired by an assistant music teacher during the 2004-2005 school year .sexual assaultShe had to have an abortion when she was only 16 years old.

Dodurian said that not only the teacher was involved in the sexual harassment case, but another senior teacher was also involved. After Sandra finds out about the pregnancy, the supervisor deceives Sandra by saying that the music teacher is dead and persuades her to have an abortion. After Sandra’s miscarriage, the music teacher reappeared on her radar.

At the press conference, Dodurian showed several pieces of evidence, including a love letter written to him by a music teacher, a group photo, and a photo of the two kissing. Sandra said that the music teacher reassured her that he really loved and cared for her. Until the time of the abortion, her family was not aware of this.

The lawsuit was brought under Act AB218, which gives young victims the right to file a claim against the offender and the school district they serve in years after the crime. Eyewitness News contacted Paramount Unified School District and its legal team several times, but to no avail. The plaintiff Dodulian also appealed to anyone with relevant leads to contact him. The team suspects that there are more victims and is investigating in this direction.

Music teacher’s love letter to the victim. (abc7 screenshot)

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