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Ke Wenzhe talks about the four criteria for the next president: It is better to be smarter

Popular Party Presidential Candidateske wenzheToday he said that as a member of the international community, Taiwan must follow the rules and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. As far as standards for the next president, he believes he should not be corrupt. Be rational, practical and scientific, work conscientiously and ultimately, it is better to be smarter.

Ke Wenzhe participated in “Net Zero Generation and a Better Future – Vehicle Electrification Industry Strategy Report”. In his speech he said that net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is a gray rhinoceros, not a black swan. This has been going on for 18 years, from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to the 2015 Paris Agreement. Taiwan will have to face this fact.

Ko Wenzhe said the original goal of net-zero carbon emissions in 2050 was to limit the Earth’s average temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieve carbon balance before 2050. As a member of the international community, Taiwan must abide by the rules. This is no longer a policy issue, but a matter of policy. It is a matter of implementation.

Ko Wenzhe pointed out that taking the carbon dioxide emissions of Taipei City as an example, residential and commercial account for 70%, transportation accounts for 25%, and agriculture and garbage account for 5%. If it is determined what standards housing should meet, policy implementation will move from the inside out, from public to private. When it comes to requiring green building labels, installing charging piles, etc., the first step is to regulate public agencies, and then regulate private construction projects.

Regarding transportation, Ke Wenzhe said that he also insisted on replacing all public scooters in Taipei City with electric scooters and electric buses: When he was leaving the Taipei City Government, he talked about reducing transportation carbon emissions. thought. To share,green energyAs e-karan and security principles.

Ke Wenzhe said that the reason behind this is the issue of “electricity”. Electricity generation is the country’s largest carbon emitter. Therefore, their attitude towards nuclear energy has started to change in the last six months. Science is different from religion, because there are things about religion that cannot be changed. If science can change this with new evidence.

he pointed out,Democratic Progressive PartyThe two main gods are Taiwan independence and anti-nuclear. “I really want to see how we can have a non-nuclear homeland in 2025. It’s impossible. If we continue, it’s impossible to have a non-nuclear homeland in 2025. It would become religion to do so. It It’s not science.” If this cannot be done, atoms 2 and 3 cannot be withdrawn immediately. After all, the problem of power generation still needs to be solved.

In addition, Ke Wenzhe pointed to the standards that the next president should have. First, do not be corrupt; Second, be rational, practical and scientific and third, work more seriously. “Of course it is better to be smarter, and there are about four situations.” Ke Wenzhe said. At the end, the entire audience laughed.



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