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I can’t stand the noise. New York City plans to install “noise cameras” to monitor illegal driving in real time

As complaints about car noise increased,New York CityThe council...

Digital payments become a big winner during the year-end shopping season, helping to attract investors

this yearblack FridayThe scene no longer involves large crowds...

Japanese representative to Taiwan Kazuyuki Katayama arrives: It is an honor to be sent to Taiwan, the most supportive country of Japan

NewJapanTaiwan’s representative Katayama Kazuyuki arrived in Taiwan a few days ago to assume his new post. He said that when he was studying in the United States, he wrote his master’s thesis on “Taiwanese Democracy” and came to Taiwan to take up his post 35 years later, which greatly influenced him. He also stressed that it is a great honor for him to serve in Taiwan, which is Japan’s biggest supporter, closest to Japan and has close relations with Japan.

Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association tonightFacebookPosted an interesting “Video of handing over of old and new representatives”. Former representative Yutai Izumi initially said that he began to miss Taiwan before leaving. The scene was then changed to Kazuyuki Katayama, “Leave It to Me”, and he accepted it. According to a quick question and answer interview, he is 63 years old, has been to Taiwan five times, and loves all the Taiwanese food.

Kazuyuki Katayama delivered the inaugural speech on the website of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association on the 17th. He explained that before taking up his post in Taiwan, he worked for Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than 40 years. During this period, he went to China 5 times (including study abroad) and the United States 3 times (including study abroad).catand once each to Malaysia, and recently completed his three-year term as Japanese Ambassador to Peru. He feels very fortunate and honored to have the opportunity to serve in Taiwan, which is the most pro-Japanese and closest to Japan in the world and has close relations with Japan.

Kazuyuki Katayama said that although this was his first time working in Taiwan, he had been here many times before for business or travel. He last visited Taiwan in 2006. He hopes to reach there as soon as possible and understand the current situation in Taiwan.

Kazuyuki Katayama said that from 1986 to 1987, when he was studying for graduate school at a university in the United States, Taiwan’s opposition party was established and Taiwan’s democratization was officially launched. Therefore, under the guidance of the late East Asian studies guru Fu Gaoyi, he took up Taiwan’s democratization as a form of writing a master’s thesis on the topic. Now that he has arrived in Taiwan to assume his post after 35 years, he has a lot of emotions in his mind.

Kazuyuki Katayama said he believed there were three important tasks that should be accomplished after taking office. First, we must protect the safety of Japanese people and tourists in Taiwan, support Japanese citizens in Taiwan, and promote the economic activities of Japanese companies. Second, we should contact and communicate with as many Taiwanese people as possible to increase more “Japanese fans”. Third, he wanted to better understand and deepen his knowledge of Taiwan by studying Taiwanese society and culture. He is expected to get warm support from everyone.



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Digital payments become a big winner during the year-end shopping season, helping to attract investors

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