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Japan held its first “Shinkansen Wrestling Tournament”, with carriages becoming the arena for competition

JapanDDT Professional Wrestling held a unique competition on the 18th, using Tokaido Shinkansen “Nozomi” as the arena, giving 75 wrestling fans the opportunity to watch competitors compete up close in the train aisle. This unprecedented initiative allows tickets to be sold out instantly.

Professional wrestling news ProResu Today and Jiji News Agency reported that the “Shinkansen Pro Wrestling” match was held for the first time on the Nozomi No. 371 bus departing from Tokyo Station at 1:9 pm on the 18th, hosted by the “King of Did it. Professional Wrestling” Suzuki Minoru. Against Sanshiro Takagi, the time of the game is until the train reaches Nagoya.

DDT Professional Wrestling has so far held train wrestling at Choshi Railway, Chiba Urban Monorail, Kominato Railway and other locations, but this is the first time that the world-famous Shinkansen will be used as an arena. Takagi has already lost to Suzuki twice on August 18, 2012 at Nippon Budokan and on June 1, 2017 at Tokyo Dome, so this can be called his revenge.

Takagi appeared at Shinagawa Station, but Suzuki did not appear until Shin-Yokohama Station to announce the start of the game. Suzuki used her self-proclaimed punch speed of 400 kilometers per hour (Nozomi’s punch speed was 285 kilometers per hour and actual fist speed of 115 kilometers per hour) to attack the opponent.

However, Shoshi Masada then intervened, causing the situation to become 1 vs. 2. Suzuki, who was at a loss, called his partner Mitsuru Sato. During the competition, there were wrestlers wearing aprons who came out to sell ice cream. Everyone took a break to eat ice cream. There were also contestants who snatched lunch boxes from passengers. The effect of the entertainment was very good and there was a constant atmosphere of laughter on the scene.

After the train passed Mount Fuji, contestants dressed as drivers entered the race to surprise the spectators and ultimately ended with Suzuki Minoru’s victory.

Takagi said that his dream is to defeat Suzuki, “even if it’s on a deserted island next time,spaceThis is still the surface of the moon, I will definitely beat you. Suzuki responded, “I’ll ride with you on the surface of the Moon or on a deserted island. Where will you compete next time? The crater of Mount Fuji would work too.” They ended this interesting contest by exchanging words.

Takagi said after the game that he did not expect Shinkansen to be so unstable in the game. His right knee ligament was injured and he was immobile at one point. He also said that for the next competition phase, he may consider moving to Manhattan, New York or even abroad.SingaporeTaiwan is fine.

Video Source: YouTube Jiji Press Trend News



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