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Is your body more swollen after liposuction?Top post-op care will keep you free from worrying about fat

Many people want to have a slim body that is attractive, pleasing to the eyes and attractive. Most people will resort to diet control, exercise, etc., but sometimes they are not able to reduce the ideal areas, such as thighs, lower abdomen, etc. ., which makes it difficult to lose weight. , If you are a bodybuilder who frequently exercises a lot of explosive power and increases the basal metabolic rate, this will make it more difficult to lose weight across muscle groups. At this time, liposuction surgery is a better way to sculpt the body shape, and excess autologous fat can also be used to fill out the body shape. No repulsion problem for sunken or deficient areas, it is very natural, achieves double effect at once, long-lasting and highly safe.

But liposuction is not meant to lose weight, rather it is a great way to help sculpt your body. This article helps everyone to understand the myths of liposuction and the main points after the surgery. A multi-pronged approach can help you achieve your ideal figure.

There are several liposuction methods. Lai Yawei, director of a well-known aesthetics clinic, shared that liposuction is divided into the following three types. There is no absolutely good or bad liposuction method in the medical aesthetics market. The operating mode used by doctors will be discussed not only reassures you, but it also allows the doctor to be more comfortable during the operation, and even to achieve the ideal body shape. Also allows reusing remaining fat.

The most basic: vibration liposuction, which is a quick and easy way to remove fat.

Gentlest: Waterjet liposuction, the best all-in-one method. This mode removes fat by continuously supplying water, absorbing swelling fluid and washing it with water. The fat activity and stem cell preservation of this method is relatively good in the international certification, so the collected fat can be reused and the autologous fat can be used for breast enlargement, facial enlargement, butt enlargement and other surgical plastic surgeries. Could.

The most common: Ultrasonic liposuction, which uses thermal energy modes to chylolyze fat and remove tissues soaked in inflammatory fluid. This method produces some mild heat, which may help shrink and tighten the skin slightly after surgery.

Many people run back to the clinic after liposuction to ask the doctor why their weight is not at target even after so much fat has been removed. Why do they look more swollen after liposuction?

Dr. Lai Yawei shared that before liposuction, a swelling fluid (i.e., a mixture of physiological saline, anesthetics and other swelling fluids, vasoconstrictors, etc.) will be injected with a 1:1 ratio of extraction volume. Due to the effect of local anesthesia, it can also remove fat. The surrounding tissues are stretched to enlarge the area, which facilitates the liposuction operation and reduces bleeding. Some of the solution left after the operation will slowly flow out of the body, so it is normal to experience extensive swelling in the body after the operation. Situation, don’t worry too much.

Furthermore, fat cells weigh very light. Considering that the surgical extraction volume is 3000cc, the weight of the transformed fat is approximately 900 grams, which means the weight will be reduced by 0.5-1 kg at most. Although your weight will not change much after liposuction, your body shape will improve significantly.

Nowadays, the recovery period from surgery is not as long as before. By sorting out the myths and mastering the key points of postoperative care, you can have no worries about “fat.”

After the operation, the skin in certain areas may not heal and become loose, such as butterfly sleeves, postpartum stretched skin and inner thighs. At this time, skin reduction and facelift surgery can be used to increase collagen by 60% through heating and firming. Strengthens overall skin by 30% to achieve firming effect. Or wear body-shaping clothing. Since liposuction will cause edema, and subcutaneous cavities will form between the skin and muscle tissue after the operation, wearing a body shaping garment will provide pressure to help the epidermis and tissue close together, Due to which the swelling will improve. And prevent blood stasis, and skin sagging after operation.

Body shaping garments depend on the liposuction site and personal comfort. Body shaping garments are recommended to be worn 24 hours a day in the first month and 8-12 hours a day in the second and third months.

The style worn is made of medical-grade fat-absorbing fabric and 420D double-layer fine fiber cooling yarn, which can enhance fat smoothing and breathability. It can reduce body temperature and keep the skin cool and breathable for sweaty skin, and bring relief to the skin. Sensitivity. Some body shaping garments have an H-waist design, which is more ergonomic and will not cause squeezing of the internal organs. It should be noted that if you have liposuction all over your body, wear full-body shaping garments and choose a style with a large U design on the front chest, which is less oppressive. It is easier to breathe on the chest.

If it is thigh piercing surgery, there are also half length body shaping pants. There are models with a single-layer decompression design on the front of the thigh and calf. The inner and outer thighs are pressurized to create a subcutaneous cavity and keep the tissue close, making them more comfortable to wear. No pressure, the thigh bend will be more slender; To prevent itching while sitting, the buttocks should have moisture-absorbing and sweat-absorbing cloth. Don’t forget to choose a straight-hole design at the bottom to make going to the toilet more convenient.



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