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Is Ukraine involved in the Sudanese civil conflict? CNN: US military forces could provoke attacks on Wagner-backed militias

CNN reports,ukraineMilitary sources revealed that Ukrainian special operations forces may have been behind the attack in Sudan.wagnerA series of drone and ground operations by militias supported by the group.

According to reports, civil war broke out in Sudan in April this year. The regular army and the paramilitary organization “Rapid Support Forces” (RSF) continued to use airstrikes and ground fighting to take control of the capital Khartoum (Khartoum) and several principalities. Cities. early September,RussiaThe rapid assistance force, supported by the mercenary organization “Wagner Group”, was repeatedly attacked by drones near Khartoum. The mastermind behind the attack may have been “Ukrainian special operations forces”, highlighting how the warring forces between Russia and Ukraine have spread beyond the front line.

Ukrainian military sources interviewed by CNN revealed that the attack involved a series of drone and ground operations against the Rapid Support Forces and was a “non-Sudanese military operation”. When asked whether Kiev was behind the attack, the source said only that “Ukrainian special operations forces may be responsible.”

It is currently believed that Wagner is assisting the Rapid Support Forces in fighting the Sudanese regular army in an attempt to compete for control of the country.

Ukraine’s covert actions in Sudan symbolize the expansion of the Russian-Ukrainian war beyond the territories of both sides, and represent Kiev’s strong provocation against Moscow. In addition to continued drone attacks deep into Russian territory, Ukraine has also continued retaliatory attacks against occupied territories in the east and south.

As far as Sudan is concerned, a senior military source said he had no information and did not believe this was true.

Furthermore, most US officials appeared unaware of and expressed surprise at Ukrainian military offensive operations in Sudan.



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