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MLB/How shocking is Ohtani’s new contract?Overtook the total salary of Messi and athletes in 10 years

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Is the APEC San Francisco “study meeting” expected? Scholars: The possibility is very high

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with White House national security adviser Sullivan. Chinese scholars believe the message encouraged Chinese leadersXi JinpingExistenceAPECsan franciscoThe prospect of meeting President Biden at the summit is also timely for China’s internal affairs.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced early this morning that Wang Yi held several rounds of meetings with Jake Sullivan in Malta from September 16 to 17, local time; The two sides had “candid and concrete discussions on stabilizing and reforming China.” American Relations.”, Constructive Strategic Communication”.

A Shanghai-based scholar familiar with international politics asked to remain anonymous. He told Central News Agency reporters today that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit will be held in San Francisco in November, and “Xi Jinping will attend it.”

This scholar analyzed that Xi Jinping is more cautious in terms of attending international conferences or events. The conference or event should be “significant enough” and “amplify China’s voice” and be able to show “the dignity of a great power.” But on such occasions, Xi Jinping will only be willing to participate, and the purpose is to win people’s respect.

“China-US relations are mutual. If the APEC meeting is not held in San Francisco, Xi Jinping will not be willing to attend,” he said. The relationship between China and the United States is a reciprocal relationship between two major countries. The APEC meeting is held in San Francisco, which can be considered the domestic diplomacy of the United States; And because it is San Francisco’s turn to host the meeting, in turn, it is not China’s initiative to get closer to the United States, so everything can be naturally promoted.

This scholar believes that since the leaders of China and the United States met at the G20 Bali Summit last year, the two sides have never had the opportunity to communicate in person. During this period, China-US relations have encountered many problems. Old problems have not been solved, but new problems have emerged. China is still the world’s second largest economy, and its importance in economy, regional security and other aspects is irreplaceable. For the United States, given China’s situation where “everything is decided under one roof”, the United States should expect to see Xi Jinping, because Xi Jinping is the only person who can make the final decision. Can.

He pointed out that high-level US officials have visited China one after another, and leaders from various fields such as finance, trade and climate change have come. He first raised practical issues for Beijing. These related events can be regarded as a continuing conflict between China and the United States. Paving the way for the leaders’ meeting, it also shows the United States’ strong desire to facilitate a meeting between the leaders of the two sides; “Although the ‘Xi visit’ is just a formality, Americans will feel more at ease if they can meet the decision-makers.”

“In order to stabilize domestic affairs, Xi Jinping also needs to hold high-level talks with Biden on international occasions,” the scholar said. There are some problems with China’s economic situation, and people are generally worried. Are. The source is bad China-US relations. Affects all aspects. Xi Jinping’s presence at the APEC San Francisco meeting can play a role of “reassurance” in stabilizing people’s hearts and economic performance; Unless Sino-US relations break down, the achievements since reform and opening up will not return to a state of isolation.

The scholar analyzed that “China’s propaganda department will definitely need materials from this meeting.” The meeting between the leaders of China and the United States has some effect on stabilizing domestic affairs. If China-US relations improve, it may ease the current tense environment; If there is no improvement, the publicity department will also have the material. The fuss about this could inspire outside forces to suppress China.

He replied with a smile, “Chinese propaganda departments are often good at explaining the outcome of negotiations one-sidedly.”

Regarding the discussion on the lack of mutual trust between China and the United States, this scholar believes that China is the biggest beneficiary of the globalization process, but whether it has fulfilled its responsibilities as a “responsible big country” If you have done so, this may be something you need. Ask yourself first.

Under the rules of the global game, are there any reciprocal obligations?

“Some of the problems in China are not caused by Americans.” He believes that around 2010, the pace of China’s reform was relatively stable. Under the trend of “the state advanced and the private sector retreated”, state-owned enterprises became larger and stronger. In contrast, private enterprises could not get loans. In the free trade system, some weaknesses have not been improved, and the major powers have forgotten their obligations and simply took over. Later, “wolf warrior diplomacy” appeared, and the space for low-profile negotiations was lost. Wolf Warrior Diplomacy may have been said to be the result of a series of deviations.

The scholar emphasized that China must undergo a “cognitive revolution” to understand its rights and responsibilities as a large country; The bureaucracy must be adjusted, and the government needs officials with an international perspective to make policy decisions through the accumulation of technical experience. Overall, the “Xi visit” is just a formality, which can temporarily relieve tensions between the two countries; If we want to improve China-US relations in the long term, the fundamental solution must start with China’s internal reform.

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MLB/How shocking is Ohtani’s new contract?Overtook the total salary of Messi and athletes in 10 years

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