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Exclusive Content:

International military cooperation helps to stabilize Campbell: AUKUS can influence the situation in the Taiwan Strait

Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell visited Washington, D.C., on the 3rd. The US think tank Center for a New American Security (CNAS) said that the joint investment by the United States, Britain and AustraliavictimThe submarine program could have a huge impact on the situation in the Taiwan Strait, and Reuters interprets it as helping Taiwan resist China’s actions.

The establishment of the Australia-UK-US Security Partnership (AUKUS) in 2023 will allow the United States and the UK to assist in the futureAustraliaTo develop its nuclear-powered submarine fleet, the United States will sell submarines to Australia and assist in construction; Beijing believes this is an alliance between the United States and Australia to strengthen its military power and project military power in the Indo-Pacific region. Curb the growth of the People’s Liberation Army.

AUKUS promoter Campbell said on the 3rd that he would do his best to overcome the current situation.the supply chainHe has rarely linked AUKUS to Taiwan’s security. He said AUKUS submarines can bring long-range strike capability, which can have a huge impact in various situations, including the Taiwan Strait.

Reuters reported that since the establishment of AUKUS, the United States, Britain, and Australia have avoided publicly linking Taiwan Strait issues, and Australia has pledged to support the United States in the event of a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait. Has refused.

Campbell said the United States and other countries jointly face the challenges of the current security environment. The best way to maintain peace and stability is not for the United States to fight alone, but to cooperate deeply and constructively with our allies and partners.

Regarding potential conflict hotspots and various possible scenarios, Campbell said all countries should take joint action. In the Indo-Pacific region, the United States is working with Japan, Australia, South Korea, and India not only to improve their capabilities but also to strengthen their deterrence power.

Campbell said that in addition to diplomatic alliances, closer cooperation with allies and partners in the military field will result in strengthening peace and stability.

Furthermore, Campbell noted that he considered the perception that when he promoted the pivot policy to Asia during the Obama administration, the United States gave the impression to the outside world that the United States was shifting its focus from Europe to Asia. focusing on; Now it is vigorously promoting countries outside the Indo-Pacific region to participate in Indo-Pacific affairs.

Campbell gave an example. The United States and the United Kingdom have held in-depth discussions and deliberations on Taiwan Strait issues many times. The United Kingdom has vigorously participated in efforts by the United States to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. This effort is both concrete and continuously developing.

Regarding next week’s trilateral summit between the United States, Japan and the Philippines, Campbell said the three countries will commit to closer coordination and exchanges in the South China Sea and elsewhere; He said that whether it is the Taiwan Strait or the South China Sea, countries around the world are more willing than in the past to speak out and take real action, which can help prevent.

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