Home Technology If you buy canned raw meat at the supermarket, this is a sign that it is not fresh.

If you buy canned raw meat at the supermarket, this is a sign that it is not fresh.

If you buy canned raw meat at the supermarket, this is a sign that it is not fresh.

When you buy canned lettuce from the supermarket, it is no good if the air inside expands. Similarly, if packaged raw meat shows some signs that it is no longer fresh, it is best not to add it to the shopping cart.

What are the signs that sealed meat is stale? There is a lot of liquid, pink or red juice in the sealed bag, which means improper storage, maybe it has been stored for a long time.

However, the red liquid is not blood. The blood from the meat sold in shops has been dried in the slaughterhouse. Beef contains 75% water, and when it is packaged, water mixed with myoglobin (myoglobin, also called myoglobin) will still leak out. It’s a pool of red liquid.

Since this fluid is natural why is it not a good sign? The function of myoglobin is to conserve fluid. If the meat is stored for a long time or improperly handled, myoglobin will decompose, lose the function of preserving water, the quality of the meat will decrease and water will accumulate. Like raw meat, this liquid can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This “raw meat water” must be handled carefully so that it does not get on other items in the shopping cart. Feel it carefully before placing it in the shopping cart. If this package of raw meat is not cold enough, do not buy it.

To assess the quality of meat, in addition to the absence of water, another important indicator is that the texture of the fat should be clear. Touch and feel the package. If you feel hard lumps, they are cartilage. Bright red or purple color is also an indicator of high quality meat. If the beef is brown or gray, it may be a sign that it is starting to oxidize or even go rancid.

Another tip for buying freshly packaged meat is to pick it up just before checkout and place it last in your shopping cart. Raw meat spoils very quickly, so don’t put it in your shopping cart and then push it all over the supermarket until you’ve bought everything you need for the day before going to the checkout. Similarly, when purchasing raw meat in hot weather locations or seasons, it is best to prepare a small freezer, cold storage bag, etc. in the car to keep the meat fresh between the supermarket and the refrigerator at home. Growth of bacteria. To buy good quality meat, visit a local farmers market or butcher shop that sells whole cattle and sheep, and you will feel more confident.