Home Technology Huo Leijun’s work clothes in Xiaomi peripherals have also been sold for thousands of yuan

Huo Leijun’s work clothes in Xiaomi peripherals have also been sold for thousands of yuan

Huo Leijun’s work clothes in Xiaomi peripherals have also been sold for thousands of yuan

MilletCar peripherals have become popular, and Xiaomi Group founder Lei Jun’s “Xiaomi workwear” has become a hot commodity in the market. On the other hand, it can be seen on the second-hand platform that Xiaomi’s work clothes, which were originally priced at 299 yuan (about 41 US dollars) per piece and limited to 800 pieces, have been priced at 599 yuan, 899 yuan or even That have been sold in thousands. Yuan’s.

Jimu News reported that industry insiders analyzed that the marketing of Xiaomi workwear played a role in generating excitement for the launch of Xiaomi cars. Limited sales have also stimulated consumers’ purchasing desire and curiosity. They hope they can show their unique taste and support for the Xiaomi brand by purchasing this workwear. At the same time, some consumers are interested in the collection value and appreciation potential of this workwear, and hope to make profits by buying and reselling it.

According to reports, before Xiaomi’s car was officially released, Lei Jun’s “Xiaomi work clothes” were the first to become popular.

Lei Jun released on March 25weiboSaid to have posted a video of the official opening of the Xiaomi Automobile Factory a few days ago. Unexpectedly, many friends became interested in the overalls she wore and asked if they were for sale. “After discussing it, we decided to live up to our friends’ expectations and limit it to 800 pieces, which will be sold on Xiaomi Mall.”

Lei Jun also attached several photos of herself wearing Xiaomi work clothes on Weibo and said: “I like this work clothes very much. It is very comfortable to wear and is suitable for daily wear in spring.”

It is understood that this limited edition commemorative clothing for the unveiling of the Xiaomi Automobile Factory is priced at 299 yuan per piece on Xiaomi Mall, with a limited edition of 800 pieces. It sold out after being placed on the shelves. Day. On the 2nd, I saw on second-hand platforms such as Xianyu that Xiaomi work clothes were sold at inflated prices by many sellers, with prices as high as 499 yuan, 599 yuan, 899 yuan, or even thousands of yuan .

Priced at 899 yuan, a seller said it was an XL size he purchased from Xiaomi Mall. After receiving the goods, he only unpacked it and tried it on, and it was almost brand new. “The minimum price is 799 yuan. If you can’t accept this price, I will continue to wait for other buyers who can accept it.” The seller also said that this piece of workwear is very popular and he doesn’t need to worry about not being able to sell it at a higher price.

“Consumers are pursuing this workwear, on the one hand, to get a similar product to Lei Jun, and on the other hand, because of its unique commemorative significance and limited edition characteristics.” said Bai Wenxi, vice president of China Enterprise Capital. Alliance. This workwear is not only a limited commemorative model for the Xiaomi Automobile Factory to unveil, but also adoptsraceThe micro stand-up collar design of clothing style has a certain sense of fashion and professionalism. Additionally, limited releases confer a certain rarity, increasing their appeal and collectible value.

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