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How did the Indonesia football riots kill 174 people? Analyze the underlying causes

Central News Agency Taipei Second Comprehensive Report

IndonesiaLast nightsoccer174 people were killed in the riots in this race. Experts say that football is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia, and fans are loyal and emotionally charged, but the frenzy often leads to games that end in violence, mainly from stadiums and team management. due to lack of.

According to data from Save Our Soccer, an Indonesian football watchdog group, since 1995, at least 86 football fans have died due to fighting on and off the pitch.

There was also a riot at Bandung Stadium in June for the 2022 President’s Cup, when many angry fans rioted as officials barred them from entering the overcrowded stadium, resulting in the deaths of two fans.

The most famous is the clash between Persia Jakarta and Persib Bandung in the Indonesian Super League. Supporters of the two teams clashed in several games, resulting in casualties. In 2018, a supporter of the Pescha Jakarta team was beaten to death by fans of the enemy team.

Indonesia’s ambassador to Singapore, Suryopratomo, a former sports reporter, explained to Central News Agency that football has long been a belief among Indonesians, and people are so obsessed with football that they cannot always accept which team belongs to. They support she loses.

He said: “Especially this clash at the Malang City Stadium, where the two teams have been competing for many years. Several years ago, the leaders of the fans on both sides communicated face-to-face how to avoid violence between opposing fans, but Unfortunately it happened nonetheless.”

Suyo Padmo explained that the biggest reason for the frequent violent clashes in Indonesian football matches is the lack of adequate management of the stadium. He explained to the Central News Agency that many stadiums in Indonesia do not have enough seats to meet the needs of fans. In addition, “Indonesia lacks professional organizers to manage fans, so the army and police are often sent in to manage spectators, but they have never received the relevant training.”

Former Indonesian national futsal team coach Justinus Lhaksana made a similar point, pointing to the central news agency that frequent clashes between Indonesian fans are caused by a lack of education, inadequate security at the stadium and “much more”. of Indonesian organizations. The football team is only for the huge profits or fame brought by the competition, not for the love of the game, so it is not careful in management. ,

Indeed, Indonesian fans on the international stage are often violent with other fans to support the team. During the 2019 FIFA World Cup qualifying match, when Indonesia faced arch-rivals Malaysia, fans from both sides clashed several times.

Malaysian fans were threatened and objects were thrown at a match in Jakarta in September that year, while the Malaysian sports minister, who was in Indonesia to watch the game, was forced to evacuate the stadium after violence. Two months later, in another match in Kuala Lumpur, fans from both sides threw glow sticks and bottles at each other.

Also in 2019, in the final of the SEA Games U-22 football tournament, lost to IndonesiaVietnamAfter the team, Indonesian fans harassed, remorse and even threatened Vietnamese players and their families on social media.

174 people were killed in yesterday’s riots at Malang City Stadium, possibly the deadliest sporting violence in Indonesia’s sporting history.


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