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I can’t stand the noise. New York City plans to install “noise cameras” to monitor illegal driving in real time

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House China Committee: Military aid should be passed to Taiwan and Asian allies

Leaders of both parties on the House of Representatives Special Committee on China said in an interview on the political commentary program “Face the Nation” that they agreed that Congress should veto the White House assistance plan for Taiwan and other Asian allies. Must pass”.

Margaret Brennan, host of CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” asked Rep. Mike Gallagher, chairman of the House Select Committee on China, and top congressman Mike Gallagher, a Democrat. Representative Raja Krishnamurthy, can the two work together to pass this? end of year?bidenThe President’s $4 billion proposal for military aid to Taiwan and Asian allies?

“I think we can do it,” Gallagher said, adding that he is optimistic the two sides can work together, especially given the growing threats facing Taiwan.

He said, “One thing that almost did not come up during the meeting with Xi was that (the Chinese President)Xi JinpingThe threat to Taiwan has increased. He reportedly told President Biden during the conversation that resolution of the Taiwan issue is more important than peace and stability in the region. The Chinese Communist Party later issued an official statement saying that we should stop arming Taiwan and support the peaceful reunification of China. ,

“So all of this should remind us that no diplomatic efforts will make a difference if we don’t address the underlying problem, which is that the balance of hard power in the Taiwan Strait and throughout the Indo-Pacific region is deteriorating.” “And the risk of war is increasing, so we must act before it is too late.”

Brennan asked Krishnamurthy: “Are you confident that this proposal will be passed by the end of 2023?”

Krishnamurthy said: “We have no choice, we have to pass this resolution. The President is absolutely right to demand this amount, not only for Taiwan, but also for Ukraine, Israel and other priorities, all of them Are interconnected and inseparable.” .We must ensure that we send the right message to Xi Jinping.”

“Today, a recent poll shows that a majority of voters believe that war is likely within the next 10 years and that they are very concerned about it. Three-quarters of Democrats and Republicans want us to end war stop, and the best way to do that is to make sure that we stop aggression by providing Taiwan with the tools it needs to avoid aggression. But it’s also to tone down the rhetoric and make sure that we stop the Chinese Communist Engage in diplomacy with the highest levels of the Party.”

Biden and Xi Jinping held “concrete discussions” on Taiwan issues when they met in San Francisco last week. Xi Jinping told Biden that Taiwan is the most important and sensitive issue in US-China relations.

A CNN reporter asked Taiwanese people on the streets of Taipei if they were worried about war in the Taiwan Strait. One mother interviewed said she had children, and of course she was worried that Taiwan would become the next Ukraine.

Su Ziyun, director of the National Defense Strategy and Resources Research Institute of the National Defense Academy, told CNN reporters: “BeijingThe actions have become somewhat similar to those taken by Nazi Germany during World War II. He warned that China’s military development has advanced rapidly and reached its largest scale in a century. This could be just the beginning. Only strong military power can stop Beijing.

Su Ziyun said that Taiwan’s geographical location is very important. If Beijing could capture Taiwan, Taiwan would become the so-called “Hawaii of China.” They would be able to send submarines from eastern Taiwan to the west coast of the United States to attack the United States.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen also said in an interview with the ABC political commentary program “This Week” that for the United States, Taiwan is the most “important” and “dangerous” issue.

Moderator Martha Raddatz noted that during the meeting between US and Chinese leaders in San Francisco, some progress was made on resuming military contacts.

Mullen said: “I think it’s really important because we should not underestimate how bad the relationship is between the two countries, not only now, but I think there will be a lot of difficulties in the future. So, my “We have always believed that President Biden and President Xi need to lead both countries to build this relationship. If they don’t do this, relations will continue to deteriorate.”



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