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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

Hou Yu reviewed the last mile of voting and said, “If I lose, I will become a deputy.”

The registration countdown for the presidential election ends on Friday. Lai Xiaopei of the Democratic Progressive Party registered on the 21st, but the Blue and White coalition is on the verge of collapse.Kuomintangpresidential candidatehou yuyiA press conference was held on the afternoon of the 21st to appeal to the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates.ke wenzheReturn to the negotiating table, review the Jiufen elections, return to the last mile that has not yet been completed, and do our best to promote the Blue-White coalition; The meeting of the Kuomintang’s original Central Committee was also announced to be postponed today. Ko Wenzhe later responded, “If Lu (Taiwanese) does it twice, the results will be different?” As for whether to accept the renegotiation? The K camp will be announced at a press conference this morning by campaign director general Huang Shanshan.

Ke called Hou, “Do you want to talk again?”

Ke Wenzhe called Hou Youyi at noon on the 21st. Hou held an impromptu press conference at 4 pm and said that he received a call from Ke and asked: “Do you want to talk about Lan Baihe again?”

“The solution is to go back to the root of the problem.” Hou Youyi proposed a plan, suggesting that both sides return to the negotiating table, re-examine the Jiufen elections, and broadcast the entire process to show public confidence; appointed two experts and scholars, Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun and former President Ma Ying-jeou each appointed one person to conduct a “2-on-2 discussion” so that the experts could respond to the voices of supporters. Before being allowed to take an impartial decision and “go back”. The last mile that none of us has completed and complete it.” Ma Ying-jeou has no opinion about returning to the Foundation, and can assign the position to.

Hou Youyi insisted, “If I lose, I will be second in line.” He also said, “I have said this. If I lose and fail to do so, I will be laughed at a lot.” He also resumed the consultation process between the four giants on the 15th. At that time, it was the Kuomintang that no longer insisted on the party’s support, so it turned to discussing the statistical error of the polling. It was not that “the Kuomintang gave way to the Kuomintang”, and it certainly did not give up 6%. “This cannot be said randomly. Use 6% to misunderstand people, let alone use 6% to insult your personality.”

Ke Wenzhe later confirmed that he had called Hou, and said that Hou had been asking for personal meetings through channels in recent days. Moreover, there were so many motivational calls from other people that he did not dare to answer them. “My attitude is to maintain goodwill. People are looking out for me a lot.” Oh my god, he also said he would wait all day for me to call. “I don’t want to send messages through other people, so I can integrate them if they can.”

Baiying received the form on the 22nd “First fill it out and then talk about it”

Regarding Hou Youyi’s proposal, Ke Wenzhe said that if Hou Youyi suddenly held a press conference, Ke’s camp would also bring statistical experts to prepare and hold a press conference on the 22nd to respond. Ke Ye said, how could it be possible that the outcome of “Lu” twice more would be different? Until the People’s Party first came out with statistics experts, they were not level, and if they all have a certain standard, wouldn’t it be true that the statistics were not good last time, but this time? Science is science. There is a schedule of form submission on 22nd and registration on 23rd in the camp. “Should I get the form or should I get it, I’ll fill it out first,” Kay said.

Ke Wenzhe said that whether it is statistics or election data, the aim is to form the strongest winning team. This time the DPP’s “Lai Xiaopai” is not a three-legged cat. It looks very strong. To win the election, it is necessary to use the strongest possible force. How can we deliberately find weak and weak combinations when we fight with a strong combination?

Lanning: Will not give up cooperation till the end

Xiao Xuesen, CEO of the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation, said it depends on whether there is a consensus between the two sides. Ma Ying-jeou’s position remains unchanged and he still hopes that Blue and White will cooperate to answer his expectations. People. The Kuomintang said that blue and white cooperation is the expectation of Taiwan’s mainstream public opinion. It won’t last until the last second. Even in the last half second, the Kuomintang will not abandon cooperation.

In response to the Blue and White partnership, the Popular Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe stressed on the evening of the 21st that he will try to unify the opposition as much as possible and deal with it in good faith.Reporter Ye Xinyi/Photography

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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

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