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Hou Youyi met with key figures on the US Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss the situation in Taiwan with Sullivan and Merkley.

KMT presidential candidateshou yuyiFor two consecutive days, we conducted an in-depth tour of Capitol Hill to meet with members of both parties. The meetings included key figures from the Senate Armed Services Committee, including Chief Senator Wick and members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.sullivanand member of the Senate Foreign Relations CommitteemerckWhen Lee, Hagerty and others took the congressional train to the venue, they met 89-year-old Republican Senator Grassley on the escalator. According to Kuomintang figures, Hou has met a total of 16 senators and representatives during his visit to the United States so far.

Hou Youyi met with members of Congress continuously from 12 noon on the 19th, and did not leave the Capitol until 6:30 pm. It is understood that members are most concerned about the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

Dan Sullivan and Jeff Merkley spoke to Hou Youyi and accepted interviews with reporters after the meeting.

Sullivan said that when it comes to Taiwan’s presidential candidates, the United States does not interfere in politics; He expressed his views on the situation in Taiwan and cross-party members’ support for Taiwan and the Taiwanese people during the meeting. This is the main point.

Merkley said the atmosphere at the talks was good and that there were many issues of common concern between the United States and Taiwan. The most important thing is to ensure that Taiwan’s democracy continues to flourish.

Republican Bill Hagerty has always been concerned about the US-China-Taiwan issue. At a congressional hearing in March this year, in front of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, he argued that the Biden administration has not agreed to provide free military aid to Taiwan. And foreign military aid programs are futile, raising questions about the United States’ inability to effectively prevent China from invading Taiwan.

Roger Wicker issued a statement last week saying that the US$55 million that US President Biden will transfer for Egypt’s military financing is actually a comparison to Taiwan’s huge self-defense needs and the United States’ obvious interests in supporting Taipei. Is unimportant in; He called on the United States to help Taiwan deal with the “maximum threat window” period in the next two to four years, otherwise it will lead to a strategic disaster.

Most meetings between congressmen and Hou Youyi took place behind closed doors. Each meeting lasted about half an hour, and Hou Youyi had to take a shuttle to the meeting. He met 89-year-old Chuck Grassley on the escalator. Congress train. Both of them met briefly. Little interaction.

There were also relaxed scenes during the Congress visit. According to reports, when Hou Youyi met with Congressman Al Green, Green told him that he also had friends in New Taipei City. As soon as he said this, he picked up the phone and started calling them. By one. However, it was already morning in Taiwan and there was no breakthrough. After answering, Green and Hou Youyi had no choice but to leave voice messages to each other.

In addition, Hou Youyi went to the Heritage Foundation to participate in a closed seminar on the morning of the 19th. Michael Cunningham, a researcher at the foundation’s Asia Center, said after the meeting that a wide range of issues were discussed and many scholars raised sharp questions; Through the conversation, the Washington scholar has a better understanding of Hou Youyi’s approach to Taiwan, and he also believes that Hou Youyi clearly understands the United States’ views on Taiwan relations.

Kong Mingshang said that Hou Youyi’s special article published in the Foreign Affairs Journal clearly stated the content of his policy, and Hou gave specific answers to each question; The Washington think tank is ready to hold such discussions with every political party.

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