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Exclusive Content:

Han Kuo-yu will join the National Assembly as a Green Camp lawmaker: the meeting may be adjourned until he reaches the Legislative Yuan

Democratic Progressive Party legislator Qiu Yiying said today that those who have been included in the list should be remindedKuomintangFormer mayor of Kaohsiung in non-district legislative nomination listhan guoyuThe Legislative Yuan is fast-paced. If Han Guoyu’s living habits were followed in Kaohsiung, “the meeting would have been postponed until the Legislative Yuan arrived.”

Legislators have begun registering for the election, including Qiu Yiying, who is seeking re-election as MLA for Kaohsiung 1st electoral district;Democratic Progressive PartyKaohsiung District 6 candidate Huang Jie, Democratic Progressive Party’s Kaohsiung District 2 candidate Qiu Zhiwei and Labor Party’s Kaohsiung District 8 candidate Zhan Xiuying completed their registration in the morning.

Qiu Yiying accepted a joint interview with the media and said that former legislator Han Kuo-yu should be reminded that the ecology of the Legislative Yuan is different from the past. She has been a legislator for so long, and she still goes to the Legislative Yuan every day before 7 o’clock in the morning to sign in and be ready to ask questions; If Han Kuo-yu lives in Kaohsiung he has the habit of saying, “I think it is possible that if the meeting of the Legislative Yuan has already been dismissed he will come on time. In that case, he will probably play a larger role.” Will not be able to fulfill.”

Huang Jie said that Han Guoyu helped elect his Chinese KMT rival Chen Meiya, but he chose to support the former mayor who was ousted by the Kaohsiung people. “Is this to bring back memories of the Kaohsiung people eliminating Han Guoyu?”

Three of the top five people on the KMT’s non-district list have ties to Kaohsiung, he said. Han Guoyu and KMT think tank CEO Ke Xien were elected mayor of Kaohsiung, and Chen Jinghui, Huang’s daughter, was elected chairman of the KMT Kaohsiung City Party Committee. Zhaoshun is also on the list. The sword pointing to “Kaohsiung” has a strong meaning, which will awaken the fighting spirit and enthusiasm of the Kaohsiung people and unite to defend Kaohsiung.

Furthermore, the Kuomintang in 1 district of Kaohsiung (14 districts including Taoyuan District) has not yet nominated a legislative candidate. The Taiwan People’s Party has nominated Tsang Yin-li to contest, considered a “blue-white combination”.

Qiu Yiying said that no matter who cooperates with whom, it is important to put the welfare of the people in the constituency and the construction and development first, and they have completed several major constructions one after another. She hopes to continue working with local Kaohsiung city councilors, Kaohsiung city government and farmers to make the constituency more advanced in the future.



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