Home World G20: Macron calls for Sino-French joint fight against Ukraine war

G20: Macron calls for Sino-French joint fight against Ukraine war

G20: Macron calls for Sino-French joint fight against Ukraine war

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Paris and Beijing to unite against the war in Ukraine as he met Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Bali on Tuesday.

G20 leaders and other international leaders have begun talks at the annual summit, which is overshadowed by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin has withdrawn, his foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, represents him.

However, a statement will be issued at the end of the summit in which a “majority” of members are expected to condemn the Russian aggression.

Macron and Kim Ping shook hands as the discussion began on the sidelines.

Macron asked the Chinese leader to negotiate with Putin to persuade him to stop Ukraine’s “escalation” and return to the “negotiating table,” according to the Elysee Palace.

“You mentioned the climate issue, to name just one, probably the most important one, but there are also international crises like Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the G20 is an appropriate format,” Macron said.

Xi made no mention of the conflict in his opening remarks, calling more broadly for the two countries to “uphold the spirit of independence, openness and cooperation.”

China has not condemned Russia’s February 24 offensive in Ukraine and, like many countries in the South, including Indonesia, remains very reluctant to criticize Moscow.

However, Paris said “the lines are starting to move” on the Chinese side, while Beijing “is trying to find a balance in the Ukraine conflict”.

The two leaders also expressed a desire to “move forward” on several bilateral issues ranging from agricultural products to aviation.

Meanwhile, President Xi and U.S. President Joe Biden also held their first face-to-face talks.

Biden described the meeting as “conciliatory.”

The summit will be the first of two key new partners in Biden’s effort: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni.

Melloni has pledged to continue to provide Ukraine with arms and aid, but questions remain about her far-right coalition’s commitment to confront Russia. She will meet privately with Biden on Tuesday afternoon.

The G20 was held against a backdrop of numerous tensions and was the largest gathering of leaders of the group since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.


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