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Exclusive Content:

Former official: He Jinli did not take the immigration issue as his responsibility. “If you talk good, you are incompetent, but if you talk bad…”

PreviousbidenSenior administrative officials said the Vice Presidenthe jinliKamala Harris’s performance on immigration and border issues has been “ineffective, to put it mildly.” Officials said Harris does not consider immigration and border issues to be her responsibility.

Axios news website reported on the 12th that incidents at the US-Mexico border continueillegal immigrantThe spate of crises has prompted infighting within the Biden administration team.

The report notes that Harris and her aides made it clear at the beginning of the Biden administration that they were only responsible for tackling the root causes of immigration problems in the “Northern Triangle” countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in the Middle East. . America, as well as the factors that caused people in these three countries to travel away from home. However, Biden left it to Harris to find the root cause of the border crisis.

A former senior Biden administration official said Harris’s performance was “incompetence, to put it mildly” and “minimum engagement and failure to accept responsibility for the problem, to put it mildly.” “This was an opportunity for him and he didn’t take advantage of it,” authorities said.

In a recent exclusive interview with veteran anchor Katie Couric, Harris accused the Republican Party of exploiting the border crisis to play politics.

“I knew from early on that you were tasked with studying the root causes of the immigration crisis, but you were not responsible for the border and I thought it was important to point that out,” Couric said in the interview.

Reports suggest that the Biden team’s handling of the border crisis was disorganized. On Biden’s first day in office, the Department of Homeland Security suspended deportations of undocumented immigrants for 100 days, but Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas actually disagreed with the measure at the time.

Reports suggest Harris had disagreements with former White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice. However, both men have denied the report.

The report stated that Rice was proud that she knew more about border issues than Harris. Some of Harris’s staff felt that Rice lacked respect for the Vice President and insulted the former United Nations ambassador by calling her a “staffer.” Health Secretary Xavier Becerra was called a dirty name by Rice for refusing to find more shelter space for undocumented children.

In January 2023, when Biden visited the border area during the border crisis, he often lost his temper at his staff. Reports said Biden cursed at his staffers on Air Force One, including former White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon and national security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall. Staffers are frustrated that Biden often gets angry over the border crisis. The staff believes that once Biden loses his temper, it will be more difficult to make decisions.

Video Source: World News Network One Continent Focus



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