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Former Chinese Ambassador to the United States: Taiwan issue is a question of life and death for China

The Chinese and American presidents met in the United States last weeksan franciscoTerminated, former Chinese ambassador to the United Statescui tiankaiHe said China-US relations are very complex and we must first understand that the Taiwan issue is “a matter of life and death for the Chinese people” with “no room for concession.” Only in this way can real progress be achieved.

Hong Kong media “South China Morning Post” reported the content of Cui Tiankai’s interview on the 20th, but reported that the timing of Cui Tiankai’s interview was before the meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States. “The Taiwan issue is an issue of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity, so it is a matter of life and death for the Chinese people… There is no room for retreat and concession,” he said.

“This concerns the life and death of all Chinese people, so we must be prepared to defend our national sovereignty at all costs.”

Cui Tiankai said China will continue to strive to complete the reunification of the motherland through peaceful means. As long as the one-China principle is respected, “everything else can be discussed.” However, he also warned that there is a “limit” to how much China can tolerate provocation on the issue.

Cui Tiankai, 71, served as China’s Ambassador to the United States from 2013 to 2021 and is also the longest-serving ambassador to the United States.

According to an article written by Shen Yi, a professor of international politics at Fudan University in Shanghai, on the Observer website on the 20th, “The meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States has given us a major step forward on this issue.” On the Taiwan issue.” The article said that this time the leaders of both sides met on the Taiwan issue, it also made a major breakthrough: “We have taken another step forward, that is, the United States should take concrete action “

He said, what is the specific action? First, stop arming Taiwan and second, support the peaceful reunification of China. This is a major step in the history of China-US relations and has never happened before. The top leader clarified that you said you have a non-supportive attitude, right? Now China has taken a step forward and said that I hope your non-supportive attitude can be solidified. Although this may have been said privately before at various working levels, this time the leader made it very seriously and clearly that he would stop arming Taiwan and support the peaceful reunification of China.

Shen Yi pointed out that the basic attitude of the United States towards the Taiwan issue was the so-called “insist on the peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue.” However, it emphasized unilateral “peace” and was vague when discussing “resolution”. Reconciliation cannot be achieved and will ultimately lead to “peaceful separation”, thereby ensuring the United States’ greatest strategic initiative and gaining more space.

He said that this time China delivered a “direct blow”: Is it true or false that you (the United States) do not support Taiwan independence? Here is a very clever argument: Haven’t you always been concerned about peace in the Taiwan Strait? It is very simple. The only reason there is no peace in the Taiwan Strait is because of Taiwan’s independence. You say you don’t support Taiwan independence, but what you really mean by not supporting Taiwan independence: First of all, you don’t arm it (Taiwan). If you give it weapons, it thinks it can cause trouble. If you, the United States, help it, you are increasing the security risk. Second, you clearly stated that I support peaceful reunification, eliminate the illusion of Taiwan independence, and avoid wrong judgment. The so-called wrong judgment is that Taiwan independence forces mistakenly believed that The United States will protect it. As a result, the United States failed to protect it. Violation of the anti-secession law will inevitably provoke war.

Shen Yi believes that this time, our (China) statement has taken a step forward, and the meaning expressed by the following sentence “China will definitely integrate and integrate” is very clear.

However, after the meeting with Xi Jinping, the United States still firmly stated that it wouldTaiwan Relations ActProvide defensive weapons to Taiwan.

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