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Exclusive Content:

Former CCTV brother Cheng Qian’s full-filter live broadcast was criticized for not being “even” and lacking intimacy

Former CCTV celebrity and former CCTV host Cheng Qian suddenly appeared on a video platform on the evening of March 30. Cheng Qian did a live broadcast on the first day of opening her account. Also visible in the same frame were famous former CCTV hosts Nie Ping and Wang Xuechun. Cheng Qian, 61, looks in good shape this year. However, some netizens commented that her face was “contorted” due to beauty filters.

Xinmin Weekly bluntly said that Cheng Qian’s first live broadcast had little content except memories. Cheng Qian’s performance has strong traces of “CCTV”. Compared with today’s lively stars like Dong Yuhui, he lacks a sense of relaxation and intimacy. Simply put, “Cheng Qian’s live broadcast makes the mobile screen look like a TV.”

In recent years, many CCTV “old-timers” have returned to the public through new media. Cheng Qian had previously been hidden from the public eye for several years. Perhaps he was tempted by other successful comebacks and tried surfing at age 61.

A quick calculation shows that anyone who knows Cheng Qian must not be under 40 years old. In 1997, Cheng Qian resigned from CCTV. Although he later appeared in many TV series and films, audiences were not much impressed. The image of Cheng Qian that everyone remembers now is still the image of the white boy in “Zhengda Variety”. show”.

According to public information, in 1985, on the recommendation of his father Cheng Zi, Cheng Qian was transferred to the TV Recording Section of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau as a screenwriter, director and host. He later hosted the TV program “Public Security”. Expert” at the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Expert Bureau. A year later, Cheng Qian hosted Guangzhou TV Station’s National Day ceremony. In 1988, Cheng Qian was named one of the “nation’s top ten professional hosts.”

Because of his excellent professional skills, Cheng Qian’s career is on the rise. In 1992, Cheng Qian was sent to CCTV to host “The End of the World”, and in 1994 he hosted the Spring Festival Gala with Ni Ping. At this time, Cheng Qian was only 31 years old, with thick black hair and full of youth.

In the early 1990s, Guangzhou was at the forefront of Chinese fashion. Cheng Qian grew up in Guangzhou, which gave him a more urban flavor and brought a new southern style to CCTV. Cheng Qian’s image was immediately accepted by the audience, and he got the best opportunity at that time – in March 1994, Cheng Qian took over as the host of “Zhengda Variety Show”, and has since become a household name.

CCTV’s gold medal variety show “Zhengda Variety Show” was launched in 1990 and is looked forward to by audiences across the country every Saturday night. The early hosts include Jiang Kun, Zhao Zhongxiang, Yang Lan, Nie Ping, etc. Basically, whoever hosts “Zhengda Variety Show” will be the most popular host in China.



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