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For just 1 year? The poor quality of Xiaomi’s mobile phones caused a “fan tide” with 170 million views

Milletcell phoneRecently, it was sent in hot search by netizens due to the quality problems of the “Xiaomi 11” series.WeiboThe topic # Millet 11 series repeatedly exploding quality issues defended by rights # has been read 170 million times, discussed over 24,000 times, and the comment area has become a “fan removal site” for Mi fans. Many Mi fans said, “I will never buy Xiaomi again”, and even some Mi fans complained, “Mr. Lei, can Xiaomi phones only be used for one year? “

Sina Cai reported that in addition to the dissatisfaction of netizens with Xiaomi under Weibo’s discussed topic, the number of related complaints reached 87,050 by searching for “Xiaomi” on the Black Cat complaints “complaint portal” platform. In addition, according to Sina’s opinion poll, the current keyword cloud of the entire network, with Xiaomi-related words such as “quality problem” and “rights protection” is particularly eye-catching.

As for the first generation of Rice fans, “Ahui” said that it has bought Mi 7 mobile phones from Xiaomi Mi 1. The reason Xiaomi insisted on buying a mobile phone was because, on the one hand, it was convinced by the personal attractiveness of Lei Jun. On the other hand, at that time Xiaomi was really into using state-of-the-art technology and hardware and making products honestly, it hasn’t bought a Xiaomi mobile phone for four years. Although Xiaomi Dongzuo Lei Jun is emphasizing on the hardware, Huawei mobile phones with almost the same configuration, although the price is higher, but the system flow is better than that of Xiaomi.

On the one hand, it is constantly pushing to switch to high-end Xiaomi mobile phones, but on the other hand, it is often questioned by Mi fans in terms of quality, which may be the main reason why many Mi fans eventually Select Remove Powder.

Wang Quan, a renowned financial strategy expert, analyzed that high-end brands need deep technical support. At present, Xiaomi chips have not been developed, and there are shortcomings in the supply chain and core technologies. Xiaomi, which emphasizes on the hardware advantages, still lacks the technical strength.

An expert on the Credit Management Committee of the All-China Mergers and Acquisitions Union, An Guangyong categorically stated that Xiaomi’s advantage is not on the technical level, but on the broader cost-effectiveness. Xiaomi has rarely launched a mobile phone that is equipped with self-developed leading technology, which puts Xiaomi at a disadvantage when setting product prices.

Xiaomi chairman Lei Jun has a Xiaomi mobile phone. (courtesy from weibo)


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