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Food journalists awarded it the winner in the New York and New Jersey Bagel Contest

Food journalists awarded it the winner in the New York and New Jersey Bagel Contest

Is the bagel bread better in New York?new JerseyDelicious? This is one of the long-running disputes on both sides of the Hudson River.

new stateKarim Shamsi-Basha, a Syrian reporter for NJ.com, a subsidiary of NJ Advance Media, has been out of the news for two years.alabamaAfter moving to New South Wales, I immediately fell in love with the local bagels and thought they were the most delicious food in the world. To prove his point and settle the dispute between the two sides of the (Hudson River) once and for all, Karim recently decided to cross the bridge and visit the Big Apple.

He first went to New York Bagel and Coffee House in Chelsea in Lower Manhattan and ordered an Asiago cheese bagel. This bread is crispy on the outside, soft but chewy on the inside, and the mild cheese flavor offsets the aroma of the dough.

Then he went to Popup Bagels in Greenwich Village. The unique way to eat it here is to tear a small piece of the bagel and eat it with cream cheese.

Finally, Kareem came to Sadel Bagels in Soho. This is no ordinary bakery, but a popular restaurant that must be booked at least a week in advance. He ordered a bagel (several bagels strung diagonally on a skewer at the table) with smoked salmon and white fish, diced tomatoes, cucumbers and two types of pickles, as well as three different flavors of cheese. Manage. He praised: “The saltiness of the bagel, the rich smoky flavor of the salmon, combined with the fresh and cool cheese and cucumbers, it’s a fantastic combination.”

Back in New Jersey, Kareem first went to Kosher Bagels Supreme in Springfield, which has been open for more than 40 years, and ordered a crisp and chewy bagel coated with maple walnut cream cheese, a rich ingredient that smells and tastes great. It’s delicious!

Then at Stoney Bagels in South Orange, Kareem ordered a whole-wheat bagel white fish sandwich, and thoroughly enjoyed the simple goodness. Eventually, he returned to Sunrise Bagels in Montclair, where he first fell in love with New Jersey bagels. The dough of the bagels from both stores is thicker and softer than the New York bagels.

The moment the answer came up, Kareem took a risk and awarded the championship to New York Bagel. Because, “I think humbly”, New York bagels are light and refreshing in texture, with a rich and layered flavor, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, chewy but not too chewy, and every bite makes you feel closer. Will come focus a delight for your eyes and palate.

But before the New Jersey guys sent him back to Alabama, Kareem admitted that the test sample was undersized, so he’ll continue to judge each month until he finds the real bagel winner.

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