Home World News Florida’s ban on building supercomputer centers has put off many AI experts

Florida’s ban on building supercomputer centers has put off many AI experts

Florida’s ban on building supercomputer centers has put off many AI experts

Fortune magazine reported that to give back to his alma mater, the University of Florida, NVIDIA co-founder, Chris Malachowski established the world’s largest university at the school at a cost of 70 million yuan. Supercomputer, when announcedFloridaGovernorDeSantis(Ron DeSantis) once said that artificial intelligence will attract from all over the world (Aye) top talents, but now, four years after the plan was launched, DeSantis’ anti-China policies have blocked Chinese AI experts from even entering Florida.

The supercomputer, named HiPerGator AI, uses Huida’s artificial intelligence processors. Malakovsky’s goal is to promote his alma mater to the forefront of computer research in academia. Malakovsky and Huida each contributed $25 million to the supercomputer, while the University of Florida invested $20 million.

The report noted that in addition to the University of Florida, other Florida universities also hope to use HiPerGator AI to develop new cancer drugs. However, several professors revealed that research work has been hampered since DeSantis introduced rules to restrict the use. Of the seven “suspect” drugs. Researchers from different countries have come to Florida, and China and Iran, which have many outstanding AI experts, are also on the list.

Danaya Wright, a law professor and chair of the University of Florida’s Faculty Council, said DeSantis’s legislation is foolish and unfair for several reasons. “The reality is we must attract talent, not send people away.”

Wright said some faculty members would be affected by the law, disrupting their research work and undoing their hard work over many years.

Hundreds of professors at the University of Florida have submitted petitions to school officials, including President Ben Sasse, in hopes the school will find ways to relax the restrictions, reports said. Caesar, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, declined to comment to the media.

Miami resident Kenneth Griffin, the billionaire founder of hedge fund Citadel, successfully lobbied last year to overturn Florida’s ban on Chinese citizens investing in real estate.

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