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Exclusive Content:

Five first cases of monkeypox among women reported in China, fear of spread in the family

China’s National Health Commission announced that from September 20,monkeypoxInvolved in the management of “Class B infectious diseases”.According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently releasedSearchAccording to the report, China recorded 501 new confirmed cases of monkeypox in August, and 5 female cases were reported for the first time. “The emergence of female infected individuals means that the number of monkeypox-infected people in China will further increase,” the scholars warned.

China’s “Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases” divides managed infectious diseases into three categories: A, B, and C. Class B infectious diseases include: SARS, AIDS, viral hepatitis, etc.

Zhao Wei, director of the Biosafety Research Center at the School of Public Health of Southern Medical University, told People’s Daily that the report shows that the infected woman in the case had a history of heterosexual sexual contact within 21 days before the onset of the disease. The disease, therefore, is more likely to be transmitted through heterosexual sexual contact. Generally speaking, the risk of spreading monkeypox through contact methods other than sexual contact is low. Therefore, for normal people, as long as both sexual partners are not having impure sex, the risk of infection is extremely low. There is a large number – the possibility of large-scale spread among female groups is also extremely low.

According to a report by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention based on epidemiological investigation and analysis, the current monkeypox epidemic in China shows the following characteristics:

1. 98.9% of cases are men, and 92.5% of cases are obviously men who have sex with men;

2. Of the cases, 5 were women, and all had a history of heterosexual sexual contact within 21 days before the onset of illness. Among heterosexual partners, 3 were infected with monkeypox, 1 had a recent history of rash, and 1 had a recent history of rash. No symptoms associated with monkeypox.

BeijingLi Tong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Yuan Hospital, once pointed out that in the past three months, most of the cases of monkeypox infection in China occurred in men who have more active sex with men. Main transmission routes Monkeypox infection abroad also occurs through men who have sex with men. In terms of transmission routes, both men and women are at risk of infection if they have close skin contact.

Li Tong once said that because the rash fluid of infected people contains the virus, once the virus enters the body through skin wounds or minor wounds on the mucous membrane, it will easily cause infection. Can be made. Some infected men also have sex with women, so it is natural for women to get infected.

Earlier, female cases of monkeypox infection were reported in foreign countries. Li Tong once warned, “The number of infected women may increase in the future, and there may even be intra-family transmission. For example, the elderly and children are infected, but the probability is low. “The containment strategy remains unchanged, and there is no need to panic.”

He reminded that we should try to avoid close contact with people whose health status is unknown, especially those who have had fever and herpes; When individuals have wounds on their body, they should pay attention to the use of band-aids when going out on public transportation or in crowded places (OK bandage) to cover the wound to avoid accidental contact and infection and Going into the sterile mist. The infected person should also isolate himself to avoid infecting others.

Zhao Wei also reminded that the way to prevent monkeypox infection is to avoid contact with patients as much as possible. “Especially their skin rashes and body fluids. Pay attention to using hand sanitizer and running water to thoroughly clean your hands after going outside.”



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