Home World FDA union president Dave Penman says several ministers in Rishi Sunak’s administration “bulled civil servants”

FDA union president Dave Penman says several ministers in Rishi Sunak’s administration “bulled civil servants”

FDA union president Dave Penman says several ministers in Rishi Sunak’s administration “bulled civil servants”

The head of the civil servants union told Sky News that several government ministers had “bullied staff”.

Dave Penman, president of the FDA union, said there were concerns about the actions of other ministers because Dominic RaabDeputy Prime Minister faces allegations of bullying by staff.

He said civil servants would not file formal complaints because they felt the way the complaints system worked would not take them seriously.

When asked by Sky News’ Keberley to confirm whether civil servants had told unions that several ministers in the Rishi Sunak government had behaved inappropriately towards them, Mr Penman said: “Yes.”

And asked if the behavior was bullying, he said yes.

He added that this has been a problem with successive governments, with civil servants resigning over ministers’ actions because they feel they can’t do anything about it.

Mr Penman cited the investigation into former Home Secretary Priti Patel as an example.

She was found to have bullied staff, but then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not respond for six months before dismissing the findings.

“There have been concerns raised about some ministers and it’s basically a constant in government,” Mr Penman added.

“It’s not just about this government. It’s every government. You know, there are dozens of ministers and stressful situations.

“So, at any point, you inevitably have situations where you express concern about the minister’s actions. That’s why you’re seeing more than Dominic Raab.”

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Ahead of Raab’s reappointment, officials held meeting with civil servants, raising concerns

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Dominic Raab accused of bullying staff

Over the past week, Mr Raab has faced allegations of bullying public servants, including losing his temper and throwing food around his department.

On Monday, Mr Sunak said he did not “recognize this trait of Mr Raab” and said no formal complaint against his deputy.

A spokesman for Mr Raab said earlier: “Dominic has high standards, works hard and has high expectations for his team and himself.

“He has worked well with officials, has driven the government’s Whitehall agenda across multiple government departments, and has always acted with the utmost professionalism.”

Rishi Sunak says he does not recognise Mr Raab’s character

Labour’s Lisa Nandy told Sky News that when she was shadow foreign secretary and Mr Raab was foreign secretary she heard “many rumours that it was a pattern of behaviour” and that he was Mr Johnson’s attorney general. Period as well.

“For the past few years, Westminster has been an open secret, the judiciary has gone wrong, the Foreign Office has gone wrong – it’s clearly targeting women in particular,” she said.

“This is something we hear over and over again in this government, with allegations of bullying from civil servants.

“A lot of people who weren’t in power felt they couldn’t speak publicly because of the huge backlash and the rumours circulating around Westminster.

“I think it’s really bad that Rishi Sunak appointed Dominic Raab to the position because he knew it could be a problem.”

A spokesman for Mr Raab said they “categorically deny” Ms Nandy’s allegations, while his team said his office was usually dominated by women and claims he had female issues were “nonsense”.

A source close to Mr Raab said: “This is baseless and baseless slander that undermines serious bullying and misconduct.”

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