Home World News FBI Director: Advances in AI technology could make it easier to interfere in elections

FBI Director: Advances in AI technology could make it easier to interfere in elections

FBI Director: Advances in AI technology could make it easier to interfere in elections

FBI Director Christopher Wray said on the 29th,artificial intelligenceAdvances in technology such as AI have made it easier to interfere in elections. The United States will face “more hostile forces that are more agile and agile” in this November’s presidential election.

Wray told a national security conference that the United States has faced threats from foreign malign influence, but in this year’s election, driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the United States faces even greater forces. Who are more agile enemies than before.

He specifically mentioned that “generative artificial intelligence” technology would allow foreign enemy forces, whether skilled or clumsy, to easily exert “malicious influence.”

The Associated Press reported that these comments highlight the U.S. government’s concern that some difficult-to-detect network operations are being used to deliberately “shape public opinion”, though not to “directly alter election results”. Not to the limit. In the last decade, intervention activities from abroad are not uncommon.

Ray said that as soon as the FBI becomes aware that any damage has been done to the US election, it will immediately announce it. He said, “We are a professional intelligence agency. We must highlight specific and well-established threats so that relevant agencies can prepare for them. In particular, we must let the public understand what foreign influence campaigns they should be aware of.” May have to face.”

Reports say that in 2016 Russia tried to helptrumpHe was elected for stealing and leaking internal email communications from the Democratic campaign headquarters and using social media to create discord within the United States.

By 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin directly ordered its destruction.bidenImage manipulation; China has “considered but not launched” an “influence campaign” against American voters; Iran actively exploits vulnerabilities in state election websites to undermine Trump’s re-election chances.

Officials said that although the United States has been maliciously manipulated by these three “enemy countries”, there is no evidence to prove that the 2020 election vote counting results have been influenced in any way, and the electoral The process has not been interfered with.

Artificial intelligence technology could disrupt “domestic” elections. For example, a political consultant admitted he hired a New Orleans street magician to mimic Biden’s voice and intonation and played it during the New Hampshire primary last month. Remind voters that artificial intelligence can be used for malicious purposes.

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