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Eric Tsang celebrated the birthday of the fraud leader and exposed China’s celebrity blessing industry chain

A video is going viral on Chinese social media, in which celebrities like Eric Tsang and Du Xudong are recording the videomyanmarscamLeader Bai Yingkang celebrated his birthday. Chinese media revealed that there is already an industry chain in China for celebrity blessings with clearly marked prices, with top-tier stars demanding more than RMB 100,000 (about US$14,000).

According to reports from Beijing News, New Yellow River and other Chinese media, recently, some netizens posted a video saying that “Many celebrities celebrated the birthday of Bai Yingkang, the son of Bai Suocheng, the leader of the four major families of northern Myanmar. Celebrated”, which started a heated discussion.

The film was shot at a large birthday party, and featured several celebrities and Internet personalities in a video played on a large screen in the center of the stage. The biggest among them is Eric Tsang, as well as Chinese national first-class actor Du Xudong, famous crosstalk actor Hou Yaohua, and veteran Hong Kong stars Charlie Kao and Huang Yifei.

The video showed Eric Tsang saying: “Here, I wish Bai Yingkang a happy birthday and a bright future.”

Bai was the captain of the Yingkang militia brigade and director of the finance bureau of the Kokang Autonomous Region in northern Myanmar. He was also the general manager of Yam Casino and the founder of Kangsheng Electronic Fraud Park. He held a 30th birthday party at Kokang Scene last year.

According tohong kong01. Eric Tsang replied on the 19th that at the request of a Chinese friend, he made a video to congratulate his friend’s friend on his birthday. However, after this incident, he will refuse any requests from people he doesn’t know well for future videos.

Du Xudong released an apology video on the 17th, claiming that the incident originated from a friend’s request a long time ago. At that time, he cooperated in recording the video out of sympathy and did not confirm the identity and background of the person. He “feels deeply guilty” about this.

Charlie Cao also released a video to apologize publicly, saying that he was making the film under his manager’s persuasion, “I did this joke just for money, because I want to live and eat. , and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

The report pointed out that in China, stars sending blessings have formed an industry chain with clearly marked prices, and the price of a film varies greatly depending on the star’s status.

On the shopping platform, there are many online stores that provide celebrity blessing video services. The price list sent by the agency employee shows that the artists’ blessing videos are divided into two forms: personal and commercial. The list of more than 300 stars includes many famous singers and actors, with prices ranging from 800 yuan (about US$112) to 100,000 yuan (about US$14,000).

When asked if the highest-priced actress was shot in real life, the clerk said, “It was shot in real life, but so many people were looking for her that the price rose to 250,000 yuan a piece.” Has been.”

The price list also shows that the shooting price of Du Xudong’s corresponding films is 3,000 yuan (about US$420), and that of Charlie Cao is 5,000 yuan (about US$700).

According to reports, similar blessing videos are already selling well on the Chinese Internet, with many online stores selling more than 1,000 orders per month. In addition to celebrity blessing videos, the online store also sells “European and American sexy blessings” and “Internet celebrity dancing blessings”. The duration of similar blessing videos ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

According to Xu Feng, a store that sells blessing videos all year round, the price of blessing videos varies depending on the customized content. Relatively simple videos can sell for hundreds or thousands, and professional personal customizations can even sell for five. High-figure, six-figure prices.

China’s state media CCTV reported today that it has publicly called on celebrities to bless videos that “should be managed.” Industry insiders were quoted as stressing that celebrities giving blessings to private films is essentially an act of advertising support. The film mentions a company that, when a brand creates a publicity effect, it becomes a disguised advertisement and should be included in the management scope of the advertising law.



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