Home World News Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Enjoy the luxuriously soft duvet at the hotel 64,000 people like this

Quality sleep starts with a good quilt.Yahoo(Yahoo) Website author Britt Ross said that for many years, she hasn’t paid much attention to the blanket she wears when she sleeps. At the beginning of the New Year, he decided to turn his bed into a cozy quilt. Rose said she purchased the Bedsure duvet from a well-known bedding brand recommended by her sister.

The BedSure duvet has a soft polyester microfiber outer shell and a down alternative lining, making it suitable for use all year round. The grid-like stitching cleverly distributes the filling evenly throughout the quilt. Rose said that the soft feeling covering her body was like being hugged by a cloud.

There are hanging loops on both sides of the Bedsure duvet, which can also be used as a quilt core according to personal preference; More conveniently, this quilt can also be machine washed and dried. There are 14 colors to choose from and sizes range from Twin to California King.

Rose shares her actual testing experience of this duvet. She said that as soon as she lay down on the bed and pulled the quilt over her body, she immediately felt a sense of comfort that she had never felt while sleeping at home. She said that although it was not as heavy as a thick blanket, she still felt as if she was being “being hugged” and that it relaxed her whole body, made her sleepy and she quickly fell asleep.

Rose reported that on cold winter nights, the Bedsure duvet kept her warm without feeling overly warm; Every night she felt as if she was lying on a hotel bed, enjoying the luxurious and soft bedding. She added that the duvet retains its marshmallow fluff even after washing.

AmazonOver 64,000 consumers on the website gave BedSure duvets 4.7 stars. One impressed shopper commented that she had the best sleep she had had in a long time. It is neither too thick nor too light. I don’t feel hot when I wake up. I slept so deeply that I didn’t wake up even when my alarm went off and I was late for class… even after one wash it remains as soft as a cloud.

Another fan praised the duvet, saying it was “brilliant”. At first she was worried it wouldn’t be thick or hot enough, but it was. Her only request was that some extra straps be added, as other duvets have multiple straps to help prevent the core from slipping off; However, she had no problems and highly recommends it!

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