Home World News Easy to install, toilet paper saving toilet seat, 30,000 people love it

Easy to install, toilet paper saving toilet seat, 30,000 people love it

Easy to install, toilet paper saving toilet seat, 30,000 people love it

Bidets have become increasingly popular over the past few years; Bathroom fixtures, commonly known as bidets, have long been a European favorite but are now popular throughout the United States. If you are not accustomed to spraying water instead of toilet paper after using the toilet,YahooNews Life Channel recommends that the simplest and most economical way is to use Bio Bidet’s SlimEdge No-Treatment Toilet Seat.

This no-discharge toilet seat does not require a plumber to install. It is connected to the water supply through high quality brass connectors and braided metal hoses. It is a popular choice among consumers in this category.AmazonThe website has received 4.4-star reviews from more than 30,000 people, and the current discount price is 43 yuan (based on the website price).

A satisfied netizen left a message saying that the installation of the SlimEdge no-treatment toilet seat is simple, straightforward, and very easy to use; The only “disadvantage” is that you have to buy more and install them on other toilets in the house so that the kids won’t compete for them. Used his toilet. He said he’s reduced his toilet paper usage by at least 75%, and he’s sure his sewage treatment system will be grateful for it.

Another consumer who was full of praise said that more than a week ago, he stopped using wet wipes and toilet paper and started using a disposable toilet seat. Although they had no similar experience before, this transitional device was very comfortable for everyone in the family. ;Although their toilet layout is a little “weird”, the installation work is still very easy and the operation is also very simple. He said he has not used a flush toilet for more than 50 years, but now he cannot imagine his life without it. Would definitely recommend this product. “it’s really great.”

One fan who gave it a five-star review said it’s been three years since they added a walk-in toilet seat to their master toilet, and their kids only want to use their toilet. The first disposable toilet seat I bought has never had any problems, and I now have one in every bathroom in my house.

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