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Do AI-controlled killer drones need international regulations?Mei doesn’t think it’s necessary

Do AI-controlled killer drones need international regulations?Mei doesn’t think it’s necessary

new York TimesOn the 21st, it was reported that countries including the United States and China are rapidly developing “killer drones” controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). This new weapon could change the nature of warfare in the future and make life and death decisions. Automation technology will be in charge; Although some public opinion advocates that “killer drones” need to accept international norms, military powers such as the United States are resistant, and the norms China wants are too narrowly defined and have almost no There is no practical effect.

The report notes that a large number of killer robots set out to hunt targets on their own and can carry out assassination tasks without human authorization. Science fiction movie-like stories like this are becoming increasingly likely to be true in the real world. The United States, China and some countries are developing rapidly. And deploying new technologies that could disrupt warfare, artificial intelligence programs will determine combat decisions involving human casualties.

Many countries are concerned about AI-controlled “killer drones” and have launchedUnited NationsThe proposal discussed calls for establishing a legal ban on lethal autonomous weapons. Austrian diplomat Alexander Kment, who is tasked with promoting international norms, said in an interview: “This is really one of the most important turning points of human nature.” He said humans are not the only ones to play a role when using force. Basic security issues are also legal and ethical issues.

However, the discussion at the United Nations, which provided a forum for governments around the world to express concerns, has so far failed to lead to any concrete binding legal sanctions.

Reports indicate that the United States,Russia, Australia, Israel and other countries have said that there is no need to create new international laws based on the current situation. Experts point out that the norms China wants to promote are extremely narrowly defined and have basically no practical effect.

There is little hope for progress in the short term, due to differing opinions among military powers, stalled debate over action, and international rules on lethal autonomous weapons.

“We do not believe this is the right time,” Russia’s deputy representative to the UN, Konstantin Vorontsov, told diplomats from around the world at a meeting at UN headquarters.

The New York Times analyzed that some advocate that the United Nations only need to issue non-binding guidelines on lethal autonomous weapons. This argument is supported by the United States; The discussion of the US delegation to the UN in the last period stated that rather than creating new international law, in fact, existing international human rights law should be clarified, as the law clearly prohibits the use of weapons that would kill civilians. target or cause large numbers of deaths.

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