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Despite his disability, he was lauded as an excellent rehabilitation bus driver for Asian Games basketball players

The Changhua County Government in Taiwan recently held the “Changhua County International Day Garden Party and Special Event for People with Disabilities” at the Chateau Fruit and Vegetable Market.Educated“Recognition Conference”, Deng Haiben, the rehabilitation bus driver who received the praise, is a disabled person due to polio. He said that there are great people who have helped him along the way, and he also hopes to become a person who brings positive energy to everyone and encourages people with disabilities to come forward.

Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei praised the excellent teachers and students in special education. A total of 151 people from 59 schools were commended, including 4 excellent schools and “Special Education Evaluation Excellent School”, 2 “Special Performance of Talented Students”. “, “Guardian”angel“6 groups in the community group and 90 people in the individual group, 44 people in the “Special Education Student Scholarship”, and 10 excellent rehabilitation bus personnel.

Wang Huimei said that December 3 every year is the United Nations’ “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”. By praising the special education and excellent rehabilitation bus personnel, we hope to draw everyone’s attention to the rights of people with disabilities. The county government announced in 2019 that since 2009, public-private cooperation has invested a total of NT$82 million to gradually replace 46 rehabilitated buses. We also hope that needy friends will make good use of the rehabilitation buses and go out to make their body and mind healthy.

Praised rehabilitation bus driver Deng Hecheng has been a driver for 12 years. He said that because he is a polio-disabled person, children used to tease him when he was a child. He had low self-esteem and didn’t like being looked at, so he didn’t like going out. But then he met many loving teachers and classmates who helped him along the way and gave him positive energy.

Deng Hecheng said that he had been helped in the past and now works as a rehabilitation bus driver. He has the ability to help other disabled friends with limited mobility. He takes it from the society and uses it for the society. He also encourages people with disabilities not to just stay at home and wait to get help. In fact, as long as they get out, people with disabilities can still do many things.

Deng Hecheng said to slow downmuscleHe has become a basketball player. He recently went to Hangzhou to participate in the Asian Games for People with Disabilities. He also hopes to share his experience and encourage people with disabilities to come out. However, people with disabilities sometimes ask for taxis, but people may not be willing to take them. It is not convenient to go out, but he can become a rehabilitation bus driver and feel a sense of accomplishment in helping others. However, sometimes when he moves slowly, he will ask everyone else to do the same. Wait a moment so everyone can understand each other.

Wang Lanxin, director of the county social affairs department, said that the county currently has 75 small rehabilitation vehicles and 2 large rehabilitation vehicles. The county is divided into four districts to pick up and drop off disabled people for medical treatment, schooling, work. , outings and other needs. People with disabilities are also encouraged to come out and participate in social activities.

The county education department said that the volunteers of the “Loyal and Filial Mommy Reading Garden”, who were selected into the “Guardian Angel” club group, helped the infant grade children interact with others in a grassroots way through storytelling, awards, etc. Allowed to negotiate. -Winning quizzes, role-playing, origami painting and other activities. The anxiety and emotional restlessness of living together also improves children’s concentration and verbal expression skills.

Special Education Scholarship Winner Lin Jiarong, a primary and secondary school student of Xinyi Junior High School, despite severe hearing loss in both ears, still worked hard to use e-books to study and achieved excellent results. He also actively participated in school reading competitions to train his oral expression skills. His sense of self-challenge is admirable.

Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei (fifth from left) praised the excellent rehabilitation bus driver Deng Hecheng (sixth from left) and others. (Reporter Lin Wanyu/Photography)



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