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Defense Secretary Austin goes to Congress to testify after hospitalization incident: I didn’t handle it well

Defense Secretary Austin goes to Congress to testify after hospitalization incident: I didn’t handle it well

Department of DefensetallAustinAfter Lloyd Austin was secretly hospitalized, he went to Congress to attend the hearing for the first time and said, “I didn’t handle it well.” He reiterated that he took full responsibility; Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Austin was hospitalized and unable to directpentagonThat the message took more than three days to reach the President is completely unacceptable.

Austin was admitted to hospital for treatment for prostate cancer on December 22 last year and was released the next day; Then, on the evening of January 1, he was sent to the hospital due to complications from the surgery; On the afternoon of January 2, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks took over Austin’s duties without giving a reason; Hicks and President Biden learned of Austin’s hospitalization on January 4; Congress was informed about the incident on 5 January.

Austin was hospitalized twice for treatment, but failed to promptly notify Biden, sparking controversy. The Pentagon launched an internal review and oversight, and Congress also called for an investigation. On the 29th, he went to a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee to ask representatives to explain the entire incident.

Rogers was the first to say that when there is fierce fighting going on in Ukraine and Israel, American ships are being attacked in the Red Sea, American military bases are being attacked in Iraq and Syria, then the Commander-in-Chief should know. Not that their Defense Secretary is not in his post; If anything goes wrong, the President will not know who to call, and chain of command operations will be disrupted.

After Austin held a press conference at the Department of Defense to apologize on the 1st, he admitted to Congress on the 29th that the failure to report during his January hospitalization “I did not handle it well. “

After repeated criticism from Republican lawmakers, Austin did not hesitate to point out that specific staff members hid information about hospitalizations, but reiterated that he took full responsibility. He said that although there were mistakes in the process, they were certainly not malicious or intentionally misleading.

However, Austin emphasized that neither he nor Hicks maintained control over the Pentagon and the military; Under Austin, the Pentagon manages more than 2.5 million US troops as well as nuclear weapons.

The Republican Party used the incident to question Biden’s ability to control the national security system and the military. Several Republican congressmen, including Jim Banks, used the hearing to once again urge Austin to resign and take responsibility. Austin said he has full confidence and trust in Biden.

Austin said that after the incident, the Defense Department immediately adjusted its rules to ensure that when the responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense are temporarily transferred, the White House Situation Room, the White House Chief of Staff, Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be informed immediately. And the Pentagon’s general counsel said they were confident this type of thing would never happen again.

Austin had been hospitalized three times in the past three months. The first two times were due to complications from prostate cancer treatment and post-operation. Last time he was admitted to the hospital again on the 11th of this month due to emergency bladder problem. This time, the Pentagon was sent to a hospital in Austin. The White House and Congress were immediately notified and the matter was announced to the public within 3 hours.

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