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Defeated Harvard and the University of North Carolina… then sued West Point for “fair admissions for students”

In June, the Supreme Court struck down college admissions interviews.equal rightsThe “Students for Fair Admissions” organization, which won a major victory in the “affirmative action” case, filed a lawsuit against the United States on the 19th.West Point Military Academy(U.S. Military Academy at West Point) said that the Supreme Court’s decision banning race-conscious college admissions should apply to U.S. military academies as well.

The Supreme Court ruled that Harvard University and the University of North Carolina’s “affirmative action” constituted racial discrimination, disrupting the admissions practices of colleges and universities across the United States. But the Supreme Court decision specifically singled out military academies, including West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy. At that time, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote in the commentary of the majority opinion that the court would not overrule military academies either way because “military academies may potentially have unique interests.”

In response, the organization “Students for Fair Admissions” said in a complaint filed in the Southern District Court of New York on the 19th that “West Point has evaluated students based on merit and achievements for most of its history.” However, the situation has changed over the past few decades. The change, “West Point does not admit future cadets based on objective indicators and leadership potential, but instead focuses on race.” The organization accused West Point of violating the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, emphasizing that the amendment’s equal protection principle also binds the federal government and the states.

A Defense Department spokesman said he would not comment on pending litigation. But the lawsuit has reignited a long-standing debate: whether it is a matter of national security for military academies to be allowed to use racial preferences to prepare an officer corps that is more likely to enlist. Reflects the force and composition of the broader population?

During oral arguments in the Supreme Court in the case Harvard v. University of North Carolina, then-Ministry of JusticeDeputy Secretary Elizabeth Preloger, now general counsel for the Justice Department, once said, “For the U.S. military, having a diverse officer corps is critical to national security.”

But Students for Fair Admissions said in the lawsuit that this approach was rooted in the unique circumstances of the Vietnam War, an unpopular war whose draft was now a military draft and no longer applies.

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