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Consider this when buying outdoor furniture

Consider this when buying outdoor furniture

EasterNow that the weather is getting warmer, you might also want to check if your garden or patio furniture needs replacement or maintenance before summer arrives, so you can enjoy your leisure time outside.

ABC News advises consumers that when purchasing outdoor furniture, in addition to considering style, design and matching with the garden landscape, the priority should be comfort and durability, especially the materials used to make the furniture.

Common outdoor furniture materials are wood, metal or natural fibers.

For wood, you can refer to the Janka hardness scale. The harder the wood, the better. This should take into account its moisture absorption and perspiration properties as well as its resistance to rot and insect damage. Teak, cedar, acacia and eucalyptus are all excellent choices, as they can withstand all weather conditions and look better as they age.

Metal is also a good choice, especially metals that can withstand weathering without rusting, such as aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, easy to store and inexpensive for winter storage. However, aluminum furniture cannot withstand strong winds and will blow over if blown. Therefore, in windy areas, you may want to use stainless steel or wrought iron, which is also resistant to rust.

Buyers concerned about environmental sustainability will prefer natural fibers, and rattan is better suited than bamboo for furniture. Because rattan is flexible and elastic, but its core is solid and does not break easily, it can make a variety of products with beautiful shapes and powerful functions.

Although most outdoor furniture is made from rain and moisture resistant fabrics and materials, some protective measures can further extend the life of the furniture.

Invest in covers that will protect you from extreme damage caused by rain, snow, foreign debris, and other harmful materials when winter arrives. Furniture that can be stored in a garage or storage room is less susceptible to damage from the elements, but covering it can help keep seat cushions looking as good as new for years to come. Many stores sell furniture covers in a variety of sizes, and many manufacturers accept customization.

A variety of protective sprays can provide additional protection against UV rays, moisture, pests and other factors that can shorten the life of your outdoor furniture.

When purchasing outdoor furniture, be sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s cleaning care and storage recommendations to optimize the lifespan of your furniture.