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Clash with Netanyahu: Spain recognizes Palestinian statehood in July

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who is on a visit to the Middle East, said that Spain is expected to formally recognize the country in July this year.PalestineTo establish an independent state in Palestine. This position directly conflicts with those who oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state.israelPrime Minister Netanyahu.

Sanchez believes that in addition to Spain, several other European countries will soon take steps to recognize the establishment of a Palestinian state. He also said that the issue of recognition of Palestinian statehood is expected to continue to be heated amid the tragic Gaza war in recent months, the ongoing debate at the United Nations and a series of debates in the European Parliament elections in June.

In March this year, Senges said during the EU summit that Spain had reached a consensus with Ireland, Malta and Slovenia to take a leading role in recognizing Palestinian statehood in the West Bank and Gaza corridor. At the time, he had stated the timetable was to be completed within the four-year term of his current government that began last year, and now the timetable seems to be accelerating.

CNN, Al Jazeera and the Wall Street Journal quoted analysts as reporting,iranThe airstrike on the embassy in Syria could be the deadliest expansion of the Middle East war outside the Gaza Strip, the main battlefield since nearly half a year of fierce fighting between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas. This could be the last straw that explodes into a regional war.

The incident was the latest in a series of brazen Israeli attacks targeting Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iran-backed Lebanese militia group Hezbollah in Syria. Although the top leaders of Iran and Hezbollah have repeatedly threatened to respond to these Israeli attacks, except for small-scale conflicts that lasted several months on the Israel-Lebanon border, previous Israeli attacks in Syria have not led to any further escalation. . Small fights.

Iran’s Middle East allies say they are standing up to Israel on behalf of Palestinians suffering in Gaza, a move that could boost their regional profile and influence over their own domestic politics. Washington also believes that since the war with Kazakhstan began, these Iranian allies are actually trying to avoid developing into a full-scale conflict. However, after the incident on the 1st, the United States may have miscalculated in this wishful thinking.

The Iranian embassy bombings appear to be an escalation of Israel’s campaign to target Iranian military officials who supply money and weapons to radical groups fighting Israel on the Gaza-Lebanon border.

However, Altman, an expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington think tank, has a different view. He believes Israel may consider the 1st day attack as a deterrent. Israel believes that once it hesitates to counterattack out of fear, the threat will continue to increase as long as it continues to take actions like the 1st from time to time. Over time, its opponents will become demoralized.

Shi Lin, a researcher at the Middle East Institute, a think tank in Washington, also noted that Israel had used it to declare to Iran that the two countries had entered a “new territory” and that at any time and anywhere Will also start attacks.



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