Home World News Chinese residents in Dyer Heights, New York harassed by fake FBI agents

Chinese residents in Dyer Heights, New York harassed by fake FBI agents

Chinese residents in Dyer Heights, New York harassed by fake FBI agents

Chinese people are being defrauded one after another in New York City. Recently aChinese girlShare on the Internet that you are being impersonatedFBIFortunately, she finally found out and was able to avoid identity theft, which attracted a large number of netizens to respond. Some of them said that they had received similar calls and the other party had asked for their bank information. Fortunately, they eventually detected the other party’s attempt and were not fooled.

Shirley Chan, a Chinese American who lives in Dyer Heights, shared on social media that a few days ago she had received a call from someone claiming to be a staff member of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and sharing the work hotline. Was done. Chen Shirley investigated and found that the call was from the FBI locatedCaliforniaOfficial phone number of Fortuna office.

The person claiming to be an FBI employee said that someone called and told them that Chen Shirley’s phone was used for fraud, and gave the other party’s phone number and asked him if he was familiar with it. Chen Shirley, who did not know the phone number, was trying to call that number. Later it turned out that he could not connect.

The staff member told Shirley Chen that someone was using her phone number to conduct fraudulent activities in Shanghai, China. Now he is under investigation and will be arrested by the FBI. Up to this point, both parties were talking in English on the phone, but Shirley Chen heard someone speaking Chinese in the background, so she asked the other person if he could speak Chinese, but the other person said “no”. I replied. Then he became suspicious and asked the name of the other person. Tolmar Daniel said.

The other party then began to ask Chen Shirley some questions, such as whether she returned to China in 2024 and whether she had used her passport recently. When Shirley Chen said that she would contact the police to handle the matter, the other party became very impatient and said that the police would not do anything.

After hanging up the phone, Shirley Chen called the police station to report the incident, but the police said they could only file a harassment report. She then called FBI headquarters, but the FBI responded that there was no staff member named Tolmer Daniel, and no Los Angeles office or San Francisco office, proving that she had just made a false appointment.

Shirley Chen’s sharing on social networking sites garnered a large number of reactions from netizens. Some said scammers took advantage of people’s fear of getting in trouble with government agencies and took the opportunity to steal identity information. Others said they had also received the same call and simply asked for it. This was the bank information. When he told the other party his long-expired credit card number, the other party hung up the phone angrily.

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