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Chinese-American head of election technology company arrested for stealing personal information

Eugene Yu, a 51-year-old Chinese-American founder and CEO of the election technology company “Konech Corporation,” was arrested in Meridian Township, Michigan, on charges of stealing election staff information on the 4th. Headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, Yulian Networks has 32 customers in North America.

californiaLos AngelesThe county (Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon) issued a statement saying that Yu Jianwei was suspected of theft.personal information, was arrested on the 4th in Meridian, Michigan and is currently in custody. Jascon’s office is currently in contact with the state of Michigan regarding Jianwei’s extradition to California to face trial, the statement said.

Investigators seized computer hard drives and other digital evidence from Jascon’s office, the statement said.

PollChief software sold by “Yulion Networks” can be used to track election staff’s itinerary, communication records and salary status. This software requires selection personnel to fill in personal information, but after leaving personal information, it will be stored by “Yulian Network”.

Los Angeles County, California signed a five-year contract with Yulian Networks for a total price of 2.9 million yuan. The content stipulates that Yulian Networks must maintain the security of the personal information of users in the United States and may provide information only to US citizens. or green card holder. The Los Angeles County District Attorney said investigators found that Yulian was storing personal information on servers in China.

Jasikon did not say what personal information was allegedly stolen by the “Yulian Network”.

Yu Jianwei was born in China and immigrated to the United States in 1986. “Yulian Network” has 21 employees in the United States, 6 employees in Australia, and a total of 32 customers in North America. Following the 2020 election, some electoral conspiracy theory groups accused the Yulian Network of secret ties with the CCP and leaking personal information of two million election personnel.

Jascon said that part of the investigation into election workers’ outflows was not related to allegations of vote counting issues and had no effect on the outcome of the election. “Irrespective of any election, information security is critical at all levels so that we can have complete confidence in the integrity of the electoral process,” he said in a statement.

Yulian Network said in a statement to the Associated Press that it would continue to clarify why Yu Jianwei was wrongfully detained by Los Angeles County prosecutors. The statement said the personal information of election staff did not come from “theft”.

The New York Times reported that Yulian has repeatedly denied allegations of storing information outside the United States. The report said Yu Jianwei said that although there was no evidence of external allegations, he and his family had to hide because of the large number of threatening messages. “I’ve cried for it,” he told The New York Times via email. “I haven’t cried since kindergarten except for the birth of my daughter.”


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