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Exclusive Content:

Can I take eye drops containing Vitamin B12 daily? What to do to get relief from dry eyes?

Because of watching TV dramas, playing video games, and looking at computers, many people use their eyes too much, often feel eye pain, and even suffer from dry eye syndrome. He has started using eye drops to take care of his eyes. As modern people are accustomed to using eye drops, eye drops containing Vitamin B12 are the most popular. But can these eye drops containing Vitamin B12 be taken every day? How can Vitamin B12 improve eye problems? How to improve dry eyes and discomfort? In response to these questions, ophthalmologist Zhang Xinyu responded as follows:

Vitamin B12 is not harmful for the eyes. If compounded eye drops are advertised as removing bloodshot eyes, they contain vasoconstrictor agents. Discontinuation of use after prolonged use may result in rebound vasodilation and further congestion. Bottled eye drops contain preservatives and excessive use may cause damage to the eye surface.

Vitamin B12 can promote corneal nerve regeneration, improve regulatory function and reduce visual fatigue.

▸ Blinking moderately: Looking at electronic products for a long time will greatly reduce the number of blinking, which can easily lead to excessive tear evaporation and reduction of oil secretion. Nearsightedness is recommended to reduce eye contact time and improve the stability of the tear film.

▸Regular Hot Compress: Choose a constant temperature hot compress eye mask that is specifically designed for eyes and certified by medical ingredients. You can set the temperature and operating time to promote smooth flow of meibomian glands.

▸Balanced nutrition: Patients who are initially diagnosed with dry eye syndrome and have not yet received treatment can take deep sea fish oil supplements or omega-3 fatty acids to improve ocular surface dryness. Can increase acid intake. All types of nutrients should be taken in a balanced manner. Unsaturated fatty acids are also an excellent source of lipids for the body. If you still have symptoms of dry eyes after taking fish oil, there is no need to despair. You should consult an ophthalmologist for more appropriate treatment of dry eyes.

▸Artificial Tears: If eachangelIf you feel comfortable using eye drops more than 4 times a day, you may be advised to purchase preservative-free artificial tears to reduce irritation of the eye surface caused by preservatives. Various brands also launch artificial tears with special formulations: high hyaluronic acid concentration, nano-oil drops, etc., which can better meet individual needs.

If you really have symptoms of dry eye, it is advisable to go to an eye clinic or hospital for examination. The doctor will use tools to identify the actual cause of dry eye disease, and to find out whether dry eye disease is an oil deficiency or a deficiency type, the time of tear film breakdown, the amount of tear secretion. Will use volume and advanced meibomian gland examination. Only in this can we prescribe the right medicine for watery-type dry eye syndrome?

Finally, the Food and Drug Administration also reminds the public that commercially available eye drops may contain other pharmaceutical ingredients. Long-term use may still cause side effects and can easily mask symptoms of other possible eye diseases. If you have symptoms of discomfort in your eyes for a long time, you should seek medical treatment or visit an eye doctor for regular eye checkups. Do not buy eye drops for self-use.




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