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Exclusive Content:

California imposes a 19% tax on people waiting in line for food and beverages. Whose IQ is wrong?

As a communication tool, social media makes it easy for people to get news, but the Internet is filled with a lot of fake news to attract traffic. Recently, a blogger on Xiaohongshu posted a message saying,CaliforniaGovernorNewsomA new law will impose an IQ tax on people queuing outside restaurants. This seemingly shocking policy is actually a fake news package used by bloggers to portray California’s food queues.

The article states, “The Governor of California recently signed several bills into law that will includeGulf regionAn IQ tax would be imposed on those waiting in line, and an additional 19% IQ tax would be imposed on consumers standing in line outside the following restaurants, challenging the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. “The 19% IQ tax goes against the public’s common sense, because queuing up is a voluntary act of the people, so how can we collect the tax? However, the article continues to explain, “This tax could be used to reform Will go. The quality of restaurants in the Bay Area. Reduce the general public’s spending on tips, drive good money out of the catering industry by improving the situation of bad money, and improve the quality of life of citizens.” Use specific explanations to rationalize packaging IQ tax .

News packaging is inevitable without the support of professional interviewers. The article continues to quote “California IQ Association President Zi Zhang” for his views on the bill to strengthen the credibility of the news. Because in recent years, people have become accustomed to some tricky practices of the government. Even if they go against common cognition, they are gradually forced to accept them.

This news has unnecessarily ensnared many tea beverage merchants, such as Chicha Sanqian and Xu Liushan, who have serious queues in California, mentioned in the article. In recent years, the tea market in California has continued to boom, especially since many Chinese people are willing to spend time waiting for a cup. Businesses sometimes use “hunger marketing” to capture the hearts of consumers. Nowadays, this phenomenon is actually ordered by the government to collect “IQ tax”. We ask governments, businesses and consumers who has a problem with IQ.

However, smart netizens still discovered inconsistencies. For example, Zhang Zi, mentioned in the article, is the pinyin of “mentally retarded” in English. There is usually a formal document declaration when a bill is issued. To add to the ridicule, the portrait photo is still in the hands of government officials. A burger was served and handed to Newsom. The comments section immediately exploded. Some netizens laughed at those who were duped by fake news. Some netizens criticized the boring packaging copywriting for deceiving traffic. Some netizens commented on the reputation of the popular tea shop.

Although this kind of article is a bit sensational, in the Internet environment, it still attracts traffic and has received mixed reviews from netizens. The article highlighted the undeniable fact that the phenomenon of queuing for restaurants is an indisputable fact. It also used this theme to show that consumers are ready to queue. This social phenomenon is worth considering. At the same time, it also warns the public that they need to improve their self-judgment when obtaining information on the Internet in order to effectively judge the credibility of news.

For more reports on queues for milk tea in California, please see the Los Angeles World Journal of November 20.

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