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Exclusive Content:

Cai Biru warned that employment issues would intensify the party bubble. Ke Wenzhe opposed the media’s provocation.

Former People’s Party lawmaker Kai Biru criticized the party president in a recent interviewke wenzheIf you continue to use the people around you, it will accelerate the formation of party bubbles and cause an uproar in public opinion. Ke responded that Tsai was very concerned, but in fact she chose a more urban campaign method due to time and resource constraints. Relevant outsiders believed that Tsai “emphasized people’s issues.” K also replied with a sarcastic smile, “No. You are a journalist sowing discord every day.”

Cai Biru will take office as a salaried municipal advisor of Taichung City Government on the 15th. Recent developments have attracted attention. In particular, in an exclusive interview with a radio program a few days ago, she revealed that she would “die miserably” if she returned to the People’s Party. Now that the Party Central Committee is stuck in its ways, if Ko If Wenzhe continues to be used, the people around you will rise faster than the People’s First Party. The characteristics of these people include being “elite” and “not grassroots.” Cai Xin indicated that many people in the party did not want him to return. The outside world is also curious about whether Cai is now regarded as Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, and whether he will get a position in the People’s Party.

Ko Wenzhe visited Sihui Palace in Banqiao, New Taipei this morning. In a joint interview with the media after the visit, he responded that Tsai is very worried, but in fact it is because Taiwan is not a society with uniform development. Always places that are more urbanized. The location is relatively rural, and the People’s Party’s electoral strategy from the beginning has been to target cities, as it takes too much time and money to establish interpersonal relationships in such traditional areas.

Ke Wenzhe believes that within the limited time, of course, we have to use this urban-targeted election campaign method. Sometimes this is a last resort. So, he knows he is down to earth and establishes personal connections. It’s just that there was not enough time for internal evaluation due to resource constraints at that time, so there is no other way to use a more urban campaign method. When asked by outsiders whether the main focus of Cai Biru’s criticism was “humanitarian issues”, Ke emphasized with a wry smile and said, “No, you journalists are creating discord every day. Sometimes I “It seems really troublesome.”

“No, how can you think like that?” Ke Wenzhe also denied that anyone wanted to prevent Cai Biru from returning to the Party Central Committee. Cai is the number one general of the People’s Party. When she returns to the Party Central Committee, others should fear her. Others will die. How can this be possible? Will she be sad? Now that Tsai expects development in Taichung, there should be a more convenient location. They feel that the location is not bad and has a relatively high degree of freedom. After the Chinese New Year, he will discuss party matters with Cai again and resolve many issues one by one. He will also find time to meet Lu Xiuyan.

Moreover, Cai Biru mentioned in an exclusive interview that she was the only one in the People’s Party who dared to tell Ke Wenzhe the truth. K laughed, “No, even the kids dare to strangle me in front of me, so what’s the problem.”

People’s Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe visited Sihui Temple in Banqiao, New Taipei this morning and sent blessing bags after the visit.Reporter Li Chengyin/Photography

Wenzhe of Taiwan(tagstotranslate)


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