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Exclusive Content:

Breakthrough in Baolin Teahouse case: Rice fermentation acid found on chef’s hands

There has been a new development in the food poisoning case in the A13 store of Baolin Tea Room Yuanbai Xinyi. After the health unit identified rice fermentation acid as the cause of the disaster, it was confirmed on the 2nd that rice fermentation acid was found on the hands of a chef surnamed Hu at the restaurant. The prosecutor suspected that the disaster was caused by rice noodles not being refrigerated or being stored improperly. In addition to Baolin manager Li Fangxuan and store manager Wang, chefs surnamed Hu and Zhou were listed as defendants for violating the Food Safety and Sanitary Management Act and causing death by negligence. On the 30th of the following month, they also went to the residence of the chef surnamed Hu to collect evidence to clarify the source of the bacteria.

Prosecutors and health officials have now determined that the entire food safety incident occurred only at the A13 branch of Baolin Tea Room Yuanbai Xinyi. However, since no rice fermentation acid was found in 35 materials at the site, the source of the bacteria must be further investigated. The Department of Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health and Welfare once again went to the restaurant to conduct environmental sampling on the 28th of last month, and the results will be available in the next 3 days. On the 30th, the Department of Disease Control and Prevention also went to the residence of the chef surnamed Hu to sample 14 points, including door handles, and the test results are expected to be available in the middle of this month.

“Pauline, you cannot shirk your responsibility.” Taipei Mayor Chiang Wannan said that biological evidence that could link Palin and the victim was the first thing he went to the restaurant to collect.

He said that after receiving information about the suspected food poisoning case from the New Taipei City Government on the 24th of last month, the Health Bureau immediately went to Baolin Tea House for on-site inspection, collected kitchen knives, fruit knives, chopping boards and Did it. Biomarkers of the chef’s hand, and the National Taiwan University Forensic Medicine Institute was assigned to investigate. It was confirmed that the rice on the chef’s hands had a reaction to the fermentation acid, and a written report has been sent to the prosecutor. It is hoped that various investigative actions will be taken as soon as possible.

Chen Yanyuan, health director of Peking City, further explained that the detection of toxic substances in hand samples is very direct evidence. Since the epidemiologic investigation found that the similarity of the victims was that they had eaten rice noodles, the inspection also found that the food left at room temperature was not completely preserved. A problem with the article is most likely to have caused this food safety incident.

According to the prosecutor’s investigation, Baolin Tea House purchased rice cakes from Dacheng City Food Co., Ltd. in New Taipei City, and Dacheng City personnel drove a small truck to deliver the goods once every two or three days. Since there were no reports of food poisoning from other restaurants purchasing goods from Decheng City and other branches of Baolin, prosecutors focused on the issue of food preservation for investigation. After comparing the defendant’s statements and surveillance images, it was suspected that the kway teow was not refrigerated because it had been stored for a long time. Oryzaic acid is produced at room temperature.

It is reported that Li Fangxuan and others did not completely deny this.

Wang Bisheng, deputy director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that on the 1st of this month, the Food and Drug Administration received 4 swab samples from Taipei City, which were sampled for rice yeast acid testing on the 24th of last month . The results were consistent with testing conducted by the National Taiwan University Forensic Medicine Institute. Only the chef’s hand tested positive, and the other 3 tested negative.

Wang Bisheng said that now the focus is not on rice fermentation acid, but why does it appear? Rice fermentation requires three major factors to produce acid. The first is to detect Burkholderia gladioli, the second is to find highly questionable media such as kway teow, coconut and starch, and the last is whether there is a suitable “environment”; Rice is closely related to chefs, so we made some assumptions and went to the chef’s home to find out if the bacteria already existed in the natural environment or was simply introduced accidentally.

“The biggest concern in the past was how to connect the event to the business complex.” Lian Tangcai, director of legal affairs of Beijing Municipality, said liability insurance must first establish responsibility. Now it is possible to connect, germs on the victims of Baolin Teahouse in Yuanbai Xinyi A13 store together, follow the linkInsuranceCompany is discussing settlement of claims, next step ismedical feesDiscuss so that family members can be protected first in case of cost burden.



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