Home World News Anne Hathaway reveals heartbreaking miscarriage experience, 4 key points of medical advice

Anne Hathaway reveals heartbreaking miscarriage experience, 4 key points of medical advice

Anne Hathaway reveals heartbreaking miscarriage experience, 4 key points of medical advice

Known as “The Devil Wears Prada”HollywoodIn a recent interview, actress Anne Hathaway shared the bitter experience of having a miscarriage in 2015, but she had to play the role of a pregnant woman giving birth on stage every day. Zhang Fangwei, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Taiwan Military General Hospital, said the reasons for abortion include the quality of the embryo, whether implantation is stable, and whether hormones can support development. He called on pregnant women to do the same. A good confinement period, nutritional supplements, and pay more attention to your partners, so they can still be happy. opportunity Knocks.

Anne Hathaway, 41, has been married to actor Adam Shulman for several years and they have two children. In a recent cover interview with Vanity Fair magazine, she shared a secret about her life. In 2015, Anne Hathaway became pregnant for the first time in her life, but could not keep the child.

Anne Hathaway was performing in New York for 6 weeksoff broadwayIn the drama “Grounded” she plays a fighter pilot who is suspended due to an unexpected pregnancy. She pretends to give birth on stage every night, but off stage she has to endure the pain of losing her child. Especially when she sees other people conceiving successfully, she has to smile and send her blessings. She said: “I pretended everything was fine, but this matter is too heavy, I can’t hide it anymore.

Anne Hathaway couldn’t bear the pain and told the truth to her friends who came to visit her class, then realized that many of the sisters around her had similar experiences. He said research data shows that about 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. “I thought, where is this information? Why do we (women) need to endure such unnecessary isolation?”

Later, after her pregnancy was stable, Anne Hathaway received blessings from many friends, many of whom had suffered miscarriages. She understood complex emotions, and at the same time, she had to do great self-cultivation to be sincerely happy with others.

Now, Anne Hathaway hopes to make her experience public and bring solace to many women. “You don’t have to pretend to be pretty and okay all the time. I can empathize with your pain because I’ve been there.” She insisted, “That’s it. Wanting something (birth) and not knowing you did something wrong (causing a miscarriage) is really unbearable.”

Pregnancy loss or miscarriage is defined as an uncontrolled intrauterine pregnancy before 20 weeks of gestation. The incidence rate of miscarriage before 20 weeks is about 12 to 15%, and most of them occur in the first trimester (0 to 14 weeks). Research analysis shows that 43% of women have experienced at least one miscarriage in the first trimester (i).

Zhang Fangwei said that in ancient times, medical standards were underdeveloped and the incidence of abortion was high. Early pregnancy is unstable, so it is customary not to say anything for 3 months. Pregnancy is like planting a tree, the seeds cannot germinate. Reasons for miscarriage include the quality of the embryo, whether implantation is stable, whether hormones can support development, and whether there are rheumatic and immune problems, which can also make implantation of the embryo difficult. Miscarriage more than three times is called habitual miscarriage and it is advisable to find out the cause of miscarriage and treat it.

Pregnant women will take a pregnancy test after their menstruation and go to the hospital for an ultrasound. If the baby’s heartbeat is not seen for more than 6 weeks, special attention should be paid; If the baby’s heartbeat is not visible for more than 8 weeks. 10 weeks, it may end in miscarriage. If there is no heartbeat, miscarriage may occur.

If there is even a little vaginal bleeding, it doesn’t really matter. However, if abnormal bleeding occurs, it could be due to poor implantation of the embryo and you need to be alert.

Pain in the lower abdomen indicates uterine contractions and may be a sign of miscarriage.

For the method of artificial abortion, if the fetus does not have a heartbeat for more than 7 weeks, endometrial curettage or vacuum aspiration is required. If it is a spontaneous abortion, it must first comply with the specifications of the Eugenics Health Act (ii). And only with the consent of both husband and wife, RU486 drug is used for abortion before 7 weeks, and after 7 weeks surgery is the main method.