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Exclusive Content:

American scholars nominate Jiang Wanyan as President-elect of 2028: Is the Labor Bank going to work early on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year?

Kharis Templeman, a Hoover Institution scholar at Stanford University who studies Taiwanese politics, recently named Taipei Mayor Chiang Wannan as a promising delegate.KuomintangRun for the presidential election in 2028. Jiang Wannan asked, “On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, will the Labor Bank start work early?” And asked everyone not to help him find a job all the time.

Kelly accepted an exclusive interview with the online program “Auntie Fee Thoughts” last month. He named Jiang Wannan and Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan for the opportunity to represent the Kuomintang in the 2028 presidential election. Qi believes that Chiang has a good image, good English and international experience. In addition, the Mayor of Taipei is an excellent springboard to challenge for higher office, and his conditions are better than Lu Xiuyan.

When Jiang Wannan went to Guandu Palace to take the sun on the morning of the 13th, he said, “Will the Labor Bank also go to work early today, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year?” Do the work at hand well and let Taipei City make China a first-class international cityMetropolitan, He said, “You don’t have to help me find a job all the time.” He has been mayor for just over a year. Citizens and friends hope that the Mayor will become better and better and make Taipei a city of the future, a city of sports and a city of safety.

In addition, People’s Party lawmaker Huang Shanshan visited 25 temples in Taipei City over two days, which is being seen as planning for the 2026 Taipei mayoral election. Chiang Wannan also visited temples in the Beitou area today, it appearsDemocratic Progressive PartyLegislator Wu Siyao was considered an imaginary enemy. After hearing this, Jiang Wannan laughed and said that he went to Guandu Palace today and will go to other nearby palaces and temples in the future to pray for Taipei City’s disaster-free season, good weather, and people’s ability to live and work. In the New Year in peace and contentment.

Jiang Wannan emphasized that today there is a place to stay in Beitou according to his schedule. Every time he comes to Beitou, he feels full of human kindness and everyone is very excited. The people of Beitou are enthusiastic. This is not just the fourth day of the Lunar New Year to welcome the God of Wealth and pray for good weather, but more importantly, everyone can give, they gave a lot of positive feedback, and that Beitou I was very happy to visit different temples and hear different opinions each time. ,



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