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Adviser to the Ukrainian President: the goal is to “recover the territory occupied by Russia since 2014”

UkraineAn adviser to the presidential palace, Mykhailo Podolik, said in a recent interview with CNN that the Ukrainian military intends to “liberate all areas of our country”, even those that have been in the country since 2014. are in.Russiaoccupied area.

In an exclusive interview with CNN on the 4th, Podoljako said, “We support Western values, we want to liberate all regions, and all threats from Russia cannot stop Ukraine from liberating our territories. , including the land occupied since 2014.”

Podoljako’s remarks come at a time when the Ukrainian military has been delivering good news in recent days and regaining a lot of lost ground, and he explicitly stressed that “we are in the south, in Kharkiv and all In the directions are freeing the cities from the fronts. Look Luhansk, we will capture these towns”.

In addition, Podoljako also said that “we are using Western weapons provided by our allies, which have proven to be more effective than all the weapons being used by the Russian military.” Finally, he also pointed out that the recent domestic rejection of the President by RussiaputinThe panic reaction to the mobilization announcement (Vladimir Putin) showed that “Russia does not have enough troops”.


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