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Exclusive Content:

A Washington judge handed down the first US verdict after the video was processed by AI and deemed unsuitable as trial evidence.

Then a murder judge in Washington state ruled last weekAyeTechnically processed videos will not be used as evidence in trials. This may be the first time that a US criminal court has ruled on a similar dispute.

Kings County Superior Court Judge Leroy McCullough said in the ruling,AyeIt is a new technology that relies on opaque methods to represent the appearance and activities of what an AI model “thinks.”

“I find that the evidence processed by AI augmented technology will cause confusion in the case, obscure the testimony of eyewitnesses, and may also lead to a time-consuming trial,” the decision, published on the court’s website on the 1st, said. Testing” – The testing process is caused by AI mode and cannot be peer-reviewed, and requires another test.”

Artificial intelligence technology has created many problems, the most worrying of which is the spread of “deep fake” information on social media and its use for political purposes. State and federal officials are working hard to prevent potential threats caused by AI. This decision has come at the right time.

In this case the defendant’s lawyer wants to use videos taken from a mobile phone that have been processed by machine learning software to exonerate the defendant. The defendant is accused of shooting three people outside a Seattle bar in 2021. Machine learning is a major development in the field of AI in recent years, which has spawned many AI technologies.

The prosecutor who prosecuted the case said there is no precedent in the history of American criminal trials that allows evidence provided by AI technology to be used as the basis for a trial. Jonathan Huq, a US court and former Canadian lawyer who has studied video evidence, said that as far as he knows, this is the first time in history that a criminal court has ruled on this issue.

Joshua Puloka, 46, who was accused of shooting three people on September 26, 2021, said he fired in self-defense. In the chaos of violence, he hoped to de-escalate tensions, but was attacked, and then gunned down and engaged in a gun battle with the opponent.

Court documents state that when Proka returned fire, a bullet struck and killed an innocent bystander; His attacker was also killed. The altercation that killed three people was captured on cell phone and prosecutors said Ploka’s lawyers asked someone with a background in “film and television production and editing” to handle the video.Video Editors use thetexasVideo editing software developed by Topaz Labs “super-zooms” video content.

A spokesperson for Topaz Labs said, “The company strongly opposes the use of our AI technology in criminal evidence or legal applications.”

Prosecutors said the enhanced video “predicts” what was captured in the original audio and video files and does not reflect the scope, size, edges, and color of the original position, and is therefore “inaccurate, misleading, and unreliable.” “

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