Home Technology A man found dead outside a Chinese restaurant after an early morning shooting in Los Angeles Chinatown

A man found dead outside a Chinese restaurant after an early morning shooting in Los Angeles Chinatown

A man found dead outside a Chinese restaurant after an early morning shooting in Los Angeles Chinatown

los angelesChinatownThere was firing on the morning of the 29th. One person was shot and taken to the hospital. His injuries are currently unknown. Witnesses said the gunman appeared to have fled in a green pickup truck. The Luo Provincial Chinese Association in Chinatown said localSugarAndAsianResidents and most businesses are used to going home early and closing early. The shooting case has nothing to do with Chinatown businesses and residents. The Chinatown Safety Patrol said that although security in Chinatown is improving, criminal incidents will still occur and alarm bells still need to be sounded.

Los Angeles police revealed that the shooting occurred just after 2 a.m. on the 29th in the 900 block of North Hill Street in Chinatown. Police received information from the public that a man had been shot. When police reached the scene, they found a man aged around 20 to 25 with blood on his body near the door of a Chinese restaurant. It seemed as if he had been shot in the stomach. The injured person was taken to the hospital. The injury is currently unknown. But the Chinese restaurant is probably not where the shooting took place.

Police said the injured man once went to a nearby gas station and asked for entry, but was refused. The man then walked half a block to a bar to ask for help, but bar security refused to let him inside. The man eventually fell to the ground in front of the Chinese restaurant below Lee’s office in Chinatown. Luckily, someone reported the incident and police arrived to rescue.

Police cordoned off the scene for more than five hours until the morning rush hour on the 29th. They conducted an extensive search of the area and found another bullet at the scene. In other words, the gunman fired at least two shots during this incident. The case is still under further investigation, and police have not yet determined whether the shooting is gang-related.

Li Jinsheng, chairman of the Chung Hwa Association, said the man who was shot was found in front of the Chinese restaurant Fulinmen, below Li’s office. The restaurant was also a downstairs property rented by Lee’s office and had long been closed at the time of the case. Chinese people and many businesses in Chinatown go home around 6 pm during this season, and some restaurants only stay open until 9 pm, so there are very few Asians and even fewer Chinese people on the streets late at night. Live.

Los Angeles Chinatown Overwatch captain Liang Guohui released news of shootings in various societies in Chinatown on the morning of the 29th. He said that during the pandemic, Chinatown formed a volunteer patrol group to patrol Chinatown after work to prevent hate crimes against the elderly and Asians. The volunteer patrol usually patrols between dusk and 9 pm. After 9 pm, most people and businesses go home, including jewelery shops and restaurants. There are only two or three local bars open until about 2 a.m., but there usually aren’t too many customers and very few Asians.

He said Chinatown was quiet most of the time, but there was an incident last July where a fruit shop owner’s wallet was robbed by a man riding a bicycle. There was also an altercation between a customer and an employee which turned into a fight. Usually it’s graffiti and the occasional car window breaking and theft, but there are now a bit less homeless people, and overall safety in Chinatown is improving.

Li Jinsheng said that the Huaqing gang, which was active in Chinatown at that time, has long been closed down. Security in Chinatown has been good in recent years, and the Los Angeles Police Department has also cooperated very closely with the community. However, it is worth noting that timely reporting of situations is still a problem for Chinese people. As many Chinese businessmen age, their children rarely take over. The number of Chinese businessmen is decreasing, and business is becoming more and more difficult. In addition, roadside parking in Chinatown requires payment, and the number of customers and tourists is decreasing, which may also provide opportunities for late-night crimes. There is an opportunity to take advantage.

The injured man also went to a nearby gas station for help. (Provided by Liang Guohui)

Eyewitnesses said the man who was shot went to a nearby bar to seek help.  (Provided by Liang Guohui)
Witnesses said the man who was shot went to a nearby bar to seek help. (Provided by Liang Guohui)

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